300 Hour Teacher Training

Our internationally accredited 300-hour Yoga Teacher-Training is for anyone who has completed a foundational RYS 200-Hour YTT and is interested in advancing their practice, deepening their knowledge, building their confidence, finding their unique voice and connecting to their authentic self.

It will be a 40-day immersion of transformative passage into new depths of understanding & experience in Sri Lanka.

Upon the completion of full attendance of this training you can register as RYT 500 accreditation with Yoga Alliance or any other Yoga Federation.

This training also includes 50 hours of Yin Yoga Teacher Training! This means after completion you will graduate with two certificates!



Our vision is to co-create an environment for you to feel safe to open up in order to connect with your true self. We want to encourage you to discover your authentic self by sparking your creativity and exploring your unique style. We want you to feel supported while you courageously and confidently express your own, unique teaching voice and style.

We aim to inspire you to let go of limited beliefs. We believe those beliefs can only dim your full potential, and we want to help you help yourself re-pattern positive thinking. Building confidence to step into your light in your truest potential has the inspiring power that can shine brightly onto others.

Our mission is to facilitate the opportunity for you to fall deeper in love with the true essence of yoga. When you discover what yoga truly means to you, you will then truly radiate the magic of your unique soul, and inspire many others with your passion in your teaching.


E-RYT 500hr

As an avid storyteller, philosopher, traveller and mover, Nico has spent much of his life in pursuit of the extra ordinary. From intrepid travels through India, acting stints and a successful yoga studio ownership, Nico has spent much of his life seeking a way to live fully, with more vibrancy, and to embrace this life with each breath, one breath at a time.  

Nico is a 500 hour certified yogi and international trainer who has been teaching yoga since 2003. His love for Eastern philosophy, spirituality and anatomy are all weaved skillfully into his teaching. His style is eclectic, drawing on his study with some of the top teachers in Hatha, Anusara, Vinyasa, Yin and Power Yoga and Pilates.

By bringing to life the ancient teachings of yoga, Nico's goal is to take you on a powerful transformational journey which will have you seeking the answers to your questions and challenging the way you view your life. Inviting you to look inside, to never stop asking the questions and to be brave,to remain open, to take a chance on yourself.

You can find Nico studying at his home in Switzerland or travelling to the corners of the globe sharing his teachings in a humble and honest way. Study with him here at Gaia

As a Doctor I can confirm his excellent knowledge of anatomy and bio mechanics which served to make his teaching of Yoga safe, intelligent and purposeful while still infusing this with traditional yogic principles. history and philosophy which gives great depth to the learning.
I learnt a LOT (some of the Anatomy lecturers at Med School could learn a thing or two from Nico !!!-He is really good!)

Nico is also a gifted communicator, always managing to color his teaching with a great story!

Why do I think this TT is special? Nico has got it sorted in terms of not just WHAT he is teaching but WHY, And that it isn’t about HIM!
He does not teach with ego or as a self serving pursuit, his focus is THE TEACHING.

This current runs like an underground stream throughout the training-the ethos, the boundaries and the integrity are all very apparent. And if you ask me what is the most compelling thing about the course, it is this; as implicitly, it asks the same of us!

E-RYT 500hr

Raised by Yogis & trained in India, Crystal is dedicated to her roots. Both in teaching, and her own practice, she focuses on  the old traditions & practices of yoga while bringing an incredible, modern personality to any studio space. Learning from Crystal will give any new teacher an opportunity to learn how to adapt your teaching style to fit both your own personality and the practice that speaks to your soul.

Crystal's study and offerings are mainly focused on the subtle energy body, on the shifts we experience in our emotions and thoughts as we move through the physical practice. She will be working closely with Nico within all the classes and study, however her main teachings will be on the Mythology of yoga, Mantra as it connects to the Vedas, Upanishads, Bhagavad Gita and Yoga Sutras. Pranayama, Mudra & Meditation techniques will also be included.

Her classes and teachings are an infusion of Vinyasa, Kundalini and Hatha. Crystals ability to shift from a powerful physical class, into a mantra workshop (while playing her own harmonium), and then into leading a yoga Nidra have made her a well-rounded, sought after teacher from mountain-top to coastal beaches.

Her bubbly personality and infectious laugh will have you stepping out of your comfort zone in a playful way to discover yourself on your mat. She will have you laughing, sweating and feeling energized! Crystal’s passion and heart for living and exploring shine through in everything she does.
E-RYT 500hr.


Arrival Check in: November 4th, 2018
Training Begins: November 5th
Training completes: December 11th
Check out Departure: December 12th

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Once you have been accepted into the program, a $500USD non-refundable deposit is required to reserve a secure spot. *Due within the first week after being accepted. 

Early Bird (SAVE $500!) Tuition Rate: Remaining final payment $3,000USD due by July 1st, 2018 (Total Tuition $3,500USD)


Regular Tuition Rate: Remaining final payment $3,500USD due by October 1st, 2018 (Total Tuition $4,000USD)

*Tuition and accommodations are separate, please click on the rooms button for accommodation options.

*All prices are in US Dollars (USD).

sri lanka

The training will be held in the South of Sri Lanka, a tranquil paradise location away from distractions.

Our home, Underneath The Mango Tree, UTMT - Hotel is a beautiful boutique hotel, with a full Ayurvedic spa, perched on a rolling hill overlooking the Indian Ocean and cool breeze. Enjoy the pool, have a treatment, swing in a hammock or walk the private beach.

Here, you will be able to completely immerse yourself in the training, be supported by like-hearted trainees and the healing powers of nature.

Cancellation Policy:

The $500 USD deposit is non-refundable.

If the need to cancel before October 4th, 2018 (30+ days prior to YTT starting), we will provide 100% tuition refund minus $500 USD non-refundable deposit.

If the need to cancel after October 4th, 2018 (less then 30 days towards YTT), 100% tuition is non-refundable but the $500 non-refundable depsoit can be transferred as credit to any future training with no time limit, subject to availability. In the unlikely event of us cancelling a course, we will provide a full refund including deposit.