You will learn

The 300 hour training carries on from where we left off in the 200 hour and takes the teachings to the next level.

The main focus is to empower you with the tools to become a versatile yoga teacher in this competitive industry/. You will be able facilitate different style classes that beautifully complement each other, further expanding what you offer to your communities.

This process, will deepen your understanding of anatomy, physiology, teaching methodology, sequencing, the elements of the subtle body and yoga philosophy.

More importantly, besides the knowledge you will acquire, we'll teach you how to become an autonomous teacher; to find your own style and way, and align them with your core teachings. After this comprehensive training you will feel connected to the best version of yourself on and off the mat.

To develop you into a strong and skillful teacher and to empower you to rise to your highest potential the 300 hr training is a collection of carefully curated topics:

  • Anatomy & Physiology: Deepen your understanding of pertinent anatomical knowledge and of how the human body works. Acquire deeper insights of common injuries and modification options for your students.
  • Bio-mechanics & Sequencing: Eloquently instruct on the FORM and the ACTIONS in each pose. Create intelligent sequences that allow your students to discover their full potential while opening their bodies in a safe and effective way.
  • Teaching Methodology & Theming: Exude confidence when teaching precise alignment, clear cueing and hands on assists. Weave more meaning into the physical practice and add deeper intention to your teachings, ensuring your students walk away from class inspired, transformed and ready to be the change they wish to see in their lives.
  • History & Philosophy: Enrich your education as we analyze 4 key ancient texts: The Bhagavad Gita, The Ramayana, The Tao Te Ching and The Yoga Sutras. Use the spiritual teachings from these texts to theme and elevate your classes.
  • Energetics, Pranayama, Meditation, Mantra & Mudra: These are the most subtle aspects of the yoga practice and require dedication in order to receive their benefits. Develop a routine that you can continue at home and pass on to your students.
  • Yin & Restorative: Two popular styles of yoga that require sensitive teachers to create for their students with a deeply, profound experience. Phenomenal compliments to the Vinyasa practice, integrating these styles into your repertoire will make you more versatile and well rounded.
  • Pilates & Core: Learn proper core integration and how to teach it to others. Advise on how to recruit specific muscles needed for fluid transitions towards intermediate/advances poses. Provide quality instruction on how to move their bodies from the core.
  • Personal Development: Dive deep and pull forth your truest self, own the you that is a world class teacher without trying to copy another. Embrace teaching from your heart with authenticity, individuality and watch your light shine bright!

If you are ready to evolve into your visionary self, to move out of your comfort zone, and step into your greatness to take your career to a new frontier.

Please note 100% attendance is required in order to get certified.

In preparation for the 300hr Yoga Teacher Training bellow are three books that we would like you to read and bring to the training.

Required pre-reading:
- Bhagavad Gita, translations by Stephen Mitchell.
- Tao Te Ching, translations by Stephen Mitchell. 
- Ramayana, rendition by Ramesh Menon. 
- Yoga Sutras, Light on the Sutras by BKS Iyengar. 

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6:30pm TEA/FRUIT

7:30am Yoga Practice (2.5hrs)

10:00am BRUNCH BREAK (2hrs)

12:00 Philosophy or Anatomy (2.5hrs)

2:30pm LIGHT LUNCH (1hr) 3:30pm Training (2 hr)

6:00pm DINNER 8:00pm Yin Practice (1.5hr)

There will be 5 Days Off during the duration of the training. Upon registration trainees will receive a schedule with all the details.

*Schedule subject to change.