How To Get There…

Book your flight to El Salvador's capital city San Salvador (airport code SAL).

Book a flight that arrives Saturday December 28th, 2019. Try to book a morning flight, so you arrive by that evening to stay your first night at Las Flores Resort! The retreat starts the morning of Sunday December 29th.

We will organize an airport pick-up for you to Las Flores Resort. The airport is a short 2hr scenic drive to the resort. Transfers cost $120 per way for up to 1-3 people and $150 per way for 4 - 8 people. *Price is per vehicle. *We will group you with fellow retreaters to help share the cost.


Book a flight that departs on or after Sunday January 5th. We will arrange airport transfers for your departure. *We will group you with fellow retreaters to help share the cost.

If you need any help booking your flight, please let us know and we will be happy to send you some suggestions and can connect you with Exhale Yoga Retreats personal travel booking agent. Once you have booked your flight, please email us your flight itinerary.

Passport must be valid for a least six months after your date of arrival.

You can obtain a tourist entry visa at the airport, the cost is $10 USD cash.

El Salvador is Central America’s most underrated country. Visitors who do make the effort are invariably impressed by just how much this tiny country has to offer: world-class surfing on empty waves, dark-sand beaches; coffee plantations clinging to the sides of volcanoes; colorful Spanish colonial towns; and sublime national parks. There is only so much encouragement we can give; it's now up to you. Please inquire within. 

Please, email us if you have any questions.