Buddhist Temples Sri Lanka is a beautiful tropical paradise where locals have follow the Buddhist religion throughout the ages. With over two millennia of history in Buddhism, Sri Lanka is what one would call a ‘Buddhist’s Heaven’. Many of the Buddhist temples in Sri Lanka are thousands of years old but their ruins still contain a sense of mystery and magicality to those who visit. 

All Buddhist sites in Sri Lanka are venerated by Buddhists and respected by the other minor religious sects that make the island their home. 

There are multiple Buddhist temples within a 2hr radius of UTMT and tours can be arranged to visit these stunning sites.

Sri Lanka's Wildlife Brimming with an abundance of beautiful creatures from free roaming Elephants, rambunctious monkeys and majestic blue whales. Come adventure and see the unspoiled nature, the harmony of the animal world in freedom, a wildlife experience as it should be.

During the retreat we will be offering an optional excursion to see wild elephants (& baby elephants!) roaming freely in a national park. You will get within a few feet of these majestic animals and observe them bathing and interacting within their herd. It's spectacular!  

Ayurveda-Spa The ancient Indians have realized already 5000 years ago what matters! The harmony of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects is crucial for your health and wellbeing.

The Ayurveda is a method which focuses on the human being as a whole not the disease in particular. The UTMT wellness hotel in Sri Lanka offers facilities for professional guidance in terms of traditional Ayurvedic therapy. The treatments are individually tailored by our professional practitioners. You can select a package to suit your needs. Explore packages.

Surf Uncrowded line-ups, consistent swells, inviting turquoise waters and stunning backdrops make up the surf spots in Sri Lanka. With a verity of beach and reef breaks there is something for all levels. We have surfed some hidden gems along the South Coast of Sri Lanka and can arrange surf lessons and guiding. Check out Magic Seaweed for swell reports.