This Yoga Retreat will offer a variety of yoga classes, which will ride the rhythm of experience. Meaning, some classes will be an energetic, strong moving flowing that will build strength & flexibility. Other classes will be deeply relaxing and will cultivate a meditative mind, allowing you to slip into a deep state of relaxation.

Classes will be well thought out and build on each other, helping to deepen your yoga practice and yourself. The yoga classes will have a new theme each day, encouraging discussion and self-realization.

These yoga classes are suitable for everybody and modifications/levels will be given. If you're a beginner, it’s a wonderful way to find the inspiration to start a personal practice. If you’re an experienced yogi, it’s a great place to deepen your existing practice.


& Travel Dates

Maderas Village is boutique resort located on a hillside in the jungle overlooking Maderas Beach surf Break. It’s only a 5-minute walk to the ocean where some of the best surfing waves roll-in. It’s a great setting to reflect, invigorate your creative juices, enjoy deep discussions, live in the moment and rediscover your true self. Both Maderas Village and Exhale Yoga Retreats are working together to provide the best possible experience for you to relax and fully enjoy life. It will be good vibes & good times!!  

Arrival Check in: Jan 2nd, 2017
Retreat Begins: Jan 3rd
Last day of Retreat: Jan 9th
Check out Departure: Jan 10th


Rachel Wainwright whole-heartedly believes in the transformative power of yoga. Yoga has given her the tools to meet the inevitable difficulties of life with a measure of acceptance, openness, trust and LOVE. Rachel believes mindful movement to motivational music can help shift your perspective to a more positive one and raise your vibration to a higher frequency. She believes that with this practice you will attract a healthier, happier, more fulfilling life. Rachel guides you to move from the inside out, allowing you listen to your sensations and hear your inner intelligence. She playfully inspires you to be adventurous and have an intimate experience connecting to your true natural authentic self. She combines her dance, pilates, and yoga training to create creative fluid flows that strengthen the body, empower the mind, and uplift the spirit. 

Yeva Glover teaches from a passion for sensation, movement, sweating, stretching, questioning, challenging and uncovering. She leads a flowing, creative, supportive class - a well rounded and invigorating 'dance on the mat' using yoga as a tool to find contentment in our bodies and minds. Yeva shines her light on all her students, sharing wisdom that seems inherent in her being. Her spiritual awareness encourages serenity and joy in all who leave her class. She aims to invigorate, energize, balance, strengthen, and release. Using the momentum of breath to move into and out of the postures, sequencing in an intelligent and highly creative flow. Allowing our bodies to feel and respond to open up our energetic pathways with the gentle wash of repeated movement linked directly to breath.

Ariel Swan motivates her students to push past their limited beliefs and discover new frontiers of mind and body.  She encourages students to strive for their absolute best, yet she meets this motivation with patience and a true desire to help others reach their goals. Ariel has a gift for making each student feel like they are in a private lesson, while uniting her class and their individual energies together. Coming from a dancer and Pilates background she can lead the class through a challenging, sweaty core firing flow but still has the softness to drop into a grounding restorative yin class. Ariels favourite quote is “May your heart be bigger than any challenge you face” ~ Dhyan Vimal and she lives by this each day.


for the time of your life

From the moment you step off the plane you will be well taken care of, so all you have to do is show up and enjoy! Most of exhale’s work is done before everyone arrives, with every detail of the retreat thoughtfully and lovingly planned so that exhale retreaters experience a momentous holiday filled with cherished memories.

If we feel this is the right retreat for you, then we will send you what room options we still have left available and registration payment link to make $300 deposit, to reserve your spot. Then remaining balance due by Oct 15th 2016.