300hr Yoga Teacher Training - 2018

Hey dreamers,

We have created something sweet just for YOU! This is your chance to gain a $1,000 scholarship towards Exhale Yoga Retreats 300Hr Yoga Teacher-Training with the Nico Luce and Crystal Borrelli in Sri Lanka, November 4 to December 12, 2018.

At Exhale Yoga Retreats, we believe in the power of potential and that anything is possible. We understand a Yoga Teacher-Training is a large commitment, in more ways then one, so we would like to help you out in anyway that we can.

It is our intention for everyone to have the chance to discover their true potential and believe that finances should never be the limiting factor when embarking on a journey that you are passionate about.
We have designed a scholarship contest for those of you who desire to attend this incredible training, but are simply in need of some financial support. As we don't want money to be the reason you can't follow your dreams, we are thrilled to share some love and offer you the chance to score this scholarship to fulfill your dreams!

Here is how it works:
Create a video expressing how yoga has transformed YOUR life and WHY YOU want to attend Exhale Yoga Retreats 300Hr Yoga Teacher Training with Nico Luce and Crystal Borrelli.
SHARE this video on all of your social media accounts (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter) & tag @exhaleyogaretreats @nicoluceyoga @crystalrainbowyoga, so we can follow and keep track of your posts. This will be your official entry into the contest.
Encourage your friends to like, comment & share your video. Each view, like, comments and shares will be VOTES!
For example: 1,000 views, 808 likes, 28 comments, 4 shares = 1840 votes
"Voting" ends 9am April 12th (PST). (Any "votes" will not be counted after this time)
Add up your votes and send in screen shots of all your "votes" to contact@exhaleyogaretreats.com, by 9:30am April 12th (PST)We will also be double-checking your votes.

The person who has the most “votes” for their video will gain $1,000 scholarship towards the
300Hr Yoga Teacher-Training with Nico Luce & Crystal Borrelli!

We will email all people that entered, who the scholarship is going to by 11am on April 12th(PST)

*Scholarship go towards tuition/enrollment fees only. It does NOT cover any travel expenses, airfare, accommodation, food, books, materials, or anything outside of the actual cost the program charges for signing up for the program. Not in exchange for cash.