If yoga has changed your life and you want to share that passion with others, then this is the program for you. Deepen your knowledge and understanding of yoga, follow your heart and become a certified yoga teacher!

If you’re reading this right now, you’re here because you have a desire to evolve. You’re here because you want to reach your true potential and because you want to help others do the same. This program is exactly where you’re supposed to be, and we are excited to be a part of your journey!

This program has been designed to be accessible and enjoyable for anyone who is willing to give every effort into positively transforming their lives and those around them. We want to help elevate leaders who have a burning desire to share these teachings and elevate others.

This is a program that been designed to help you find your own authentic teaching voice and inherent natural style. It is a teacher training that will build a strong foundation of knowledge and provide techniques to transform students into teachers. It will deepen and build your personal practice as you embark on a transformational journey toward becoming an inspiring yoga instructor. You will be challenged to go deeper into your physical practice and awaken within you, the capacity to guide, inform and inspire others.

You’ll be encouraged to delve deep within yourself to observe your own mind and tap into your true self. To get to your true self, you must examine dreams you have forgotten, fears that are holding you back, and beliefs that are not your own. Finding the courage to discover who you really are will help you realize your true potential.

We encourage you to let go of your conditioned and limited beliefs and behaviors. This work will be a physically, mentally and emotionally demanding experience but only when we truly ‘do the work’, can we guide and inspire others with true authenticity.

At the end of the program, we want you to move forward in your life with more clarity, confidence, courage, love and happiness. We feel the best way to find a deeper connection with your inner being is in a peaceful and natural environment. So join Anna, Sally and the Exhale Team for a life-enhancing experience in paradise! 

E-RYT 500

Sally found yoga like a beacon of light during a shadowy time.  A time where life was void of inspiration or purpose. It turned out to be one of her life’s greatest gifts.

It wasn’t long into becoming a student of yoga that Sally felt the transformation it was bringing her and felt pulled to become a teacher herself. Her hope was to share all the tools she had learned with as many people as possible so that others may be able to realize their potential to be truly happy and fulfilled too.

Sally has successfully completed 200hr Hatha YTT with Shakti Mhi at Prana Yoga Teacher College, 30hr Yoga Outreach YTT, 100hr Lila Vinyasa YTT with Clara Roberts Oss and Exhale 50hr Yin YTT with Annie Au. Sally completed Exhale’s 300 hour Advanced Training in April 2017 with Mathieu Boldron, Annie Au and Ganesh Rao. She stood out to Exhale Founder, Rachel Wainwright, as a real deal yogi and phenomenal teacher who lives her yoga on and off the mat.

Sally believes that 200hr teacher trainings are a way to catapult people far beyond their self limiting beliefs, build strong foundation and community so that even after the training is complete they leave with tools and support to keep doing the work, being inspired and held. Sally is clear, direct, lays things out in a digestible recipe, and is extremely passionate about teaching.

“I feel very compassionate towards everyone who finds themselves in a YTT - people from all walks of life uniting to jump outside of their comfort zone, it’s beautiful. Part of my role is to hold a safe space for the huge transformation that can, and often does, occur.”

Sally is compassionate, supportive, grounded, genuine and hilarious. We are so blessed to have Sally assisting the next training, then co-teaching Exhale Yoga Retreats 200hr YTT in April 2020.

teacher trainer anna martin
RYT 500 + E-RYT 200

Anna is a movement enthusiast! You could once find her at triathlons, marathons, rock climbing, diving, surfing and snowboarding, but all of these activities left her very tight and prone to injury…so thankfully she discovered yoga! But yoga has given Anna so much more than physical TLC – it’s given her emotional, energetic and mental freedom in a way nothing else has. With regular asana, pranayama and meditation practice Anna has experienced a level of wellbeing and connection she never thought possible. Now, she wants everyone to feel this blissful state of being.
Anna took her first 200 hour teacher training to learn more about the philosophy of yoga and to strengthen her individual practice. By the end she had a realization that it was her Dharma to share this system. She went on to complete Exhale’s 300 hour Advanced Training in April 2017 with Mathieu Boldron, Annie Au and Ganesh Rao. She stood out to Exhale Yoga Retreats founder, Rachel Wainwright, as an advanced yogi and exceptional teacher who practices what she preaches. Anna is full of love, self-confidence and sincerity.

Anna is an 800hr YT, 500hr YT and 200hr YT. She studied a Bachelors Degree in Human Movement (anatomy, physiology, biomechanics). She is a Level 1 Animal Flow Coach and has recently completed her certification as an Elite Coach in Epigenetics and Personal Health. Her teaching has a strong base in energetic awareness, anatomical and physiological alignment and adjustment. She is fascinated by the miracle that is the human body.

Anna delivers purposeful trainings that foster growth and confidence in her students, not only as yoga teachers but as human beings. Her vision is to spread loving awareness through the system of yoga with the world. With a strong physical asana practice, extensive knowledge of the structure and function of human anatomy and a light and playful disposition Anna draws the passion out of her students and witnesses them transform into compassionate and confident teachers.



DR. Rao will enhance trainees understanding of pranayama, kriya, chanting, mantra, meditation and other traditional yoga techniques. He will create an enriching experience while diving deeper into yoga philosophies and traditional texts (such as the Yoga Sutras, Hatha Yoga Pradipika or Bhagavad Gita). He will teach you about energy anatomy and physiology (the chakras and nadis), and you will gain a better understanding of yoga lifestyle (The 8 Limbs of Yoga and concepts of dharma and karma). DR. Rao will help you understand the value of teaching yoga as a service as well as being of service to others (seva).

DR. Rao skilfully utilizes his academic expertise to guide students into understanding the authentic traditions of yoga. In this pursuit, the goals of physical health, mental clarity, emotional harmony and serenity may be attained with sincere engagement. He has conducted more than 16,000 sessions of Yoga education to date, covering both the theory and practice of yoga catering towards health and healing.


Arrival Check-in: April 2nd, 2020
Training Begins: April 3rd

Last day of Training: April 29th
Check-out Departure: April 30th, 2020

Tuition rates

Once accepted into the training program a $500 non-refundable deposit is due to reserve your spot. Remaining $2450 due by March 1st, 2020.

* Prices are in US Dollars.
* Prices will increase by $500 on December 16th, 2019.

* Tuition and accommodation is priced separately. Please click on the Room Rates button for further details on accommodation options, pricing and inclusions.

location, bali

The training will be held in the remote, peaceful paradise location of Balian Beach in West Bali. This tranquil location has the “old world” feel of Bali before it became popular with tourism. Pondok Pitaya Hotel is located on the edge of a natural volcanic black & gold-glittered sand beach surrounded by beautiful cliffs. The expansive beach is safe and perfect for long walks during sunset or sunrise.

We chose this location as the spot for our Yoga Trainings in Bali 5 years ago for it’s magical healing powers and it’s connection to nature away from outside distractions. You will be able to completely immerse yourself in the training and be supported by like-minded trainees.