Telesession 12-Week Course Dates:

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Regular Rate: $1,499 USD

Payment Plans Available Your course fee is payable in up to four parts. The first payment (registration fee) of $337.25 is processed upon enrolling. The remaining three payments are due 30, 60 and 90 days after your class begins. Shipping for the workbook will be charged with your first payment. Payment plan fee is $50.

Yoga2Life Coach Training will tap into your yoga experience, allowing you to intuitively connect deeper and develop your expertise to move through blocks and create on-going collaborative partnerships. Learn how to guide yourself and others through key transitions and personal breakthroughs.

Telesessions are conducted via live conference call. Each week you will discuss new material, practice it in class and then incorporate it into your way of being. For 12 weeks, you will engage on the phone for 1.5 hours each week with your trainer and your fellow class mates. Classes are taught in an intimate setting, with a maximum of 12 students, to allow for individual attention, connection with class peers and an environment of focused learning. Yoga2Life Coach training creates a personal practice to develop you as a confident and competent guide.

If you miss a class (or part of a class) recordings are available to participants only, however, requirements for certification and graduation stipulate that participants miss no more than two total classes.
In addition to the live yoga coaching, you will reference the course material to fuel your experience, inspire your personal growth and strengthen your coaching skills. Become a Yoga Life Coach in just 12 weeks.

Course Curriculum

The 12 week comprehensive Yoga2Life yoga coaching program focuses on five major areas to integrate existing experience and skills with your evolving expertise as a yogi and Mentor Coach. Each yoga coach training session is structured in an intelligent, sequential order which is designed to accelerate your progress.

Course Content:

Introduction: Mentor Coaching Definition and Scope in the Context of the Yogi

  • The Unique Body of Knowledge, Skill Set & Application of Mentor Coaching
  • The Art and Science of Coaching Conversations
  • The Distinction of Coaching from Therapy, Counseling and Consulting
  • The Unique Perspective of Mentor Coaching as a Catalyst for Change
  • The Context of Mentor Coaching

Core Coaching Skills

  • The Development of the Unique Mindset of Mentor Coaching
  • Fundamental Internal Perspectives and Skills of Being a Coach
  • Co-creating the Context, Relationship and Conversation
  • The Location and Conversations which Bring Significant Value
  • Understanding Story Development and the Principles of Change

Core Coaching Principles and Tools

  • Developing your Unique Voice as a Mentor Coach
  • Powerful Questions and Effective Tools of Coaching
  • The Basic Mentor Coaching Model
  • Strategic Goal Pursuit and Fulfilling the Client’s Agenda
  • Coaching Interactions and Decision Clarification

The Process of Change

  • The Role of the Mind and Brain in Charge and in Crafting a New Story
  • The Psychology and Neuroscience of Change Principles and Choice Architecture
  • Facilitation of Change and Dynamic Coaching
  • Mentoring Change and Navigating Transitions

Co-creating and Sustaining Success with Clients

  • New Learning and Strategies to Deal with Change
  • Common Mistakes and How to Avoid Them
  • Action and Growth Plans for Achieving Goals
  • Elements of Mentoring Successful Change
  • Principles of Sustaining and Internalizing Growth

Certification Requirements

  • Attendance in 11 of the 12 scheduled classes
  • Active participation in group mentoring sessions
  • Satisfactory participation in Coach-the-Coach sessions
  • Completion of at least 80% of the assignments on the syllabus
  • Reading and implementation of the Core Coaching for Effective Change workbook as assigned in the Syllabus
  • Completion of a minimum of 20 sample coaching sessions (includes live in class and with your peers)
  • Passing the written exam (open book) and final critique coaching

Meet Your Mentor
Yoga2Life Certified Coach Trainer:

CARRIE FRASER is an E-RYT who has taught thousands of students across the country, led over 20 teacher training programs and has been the featured guest for different yoga retreats. She is a mother, life coach, adventure seeker, avid yogi and an equestrian. If she’s not teaching or taking yoga, spending time with her family, enjoying Colorado’s amazing outdoors, you can most likely find her riding her event horse, Shanti.

Carrie enjoys educating, empowering and supporting her students along their path. She lives to share the power of yoga with others and describes both her practice and teaching as her “glue”, considering it literally held her together through some tough years.

With her infectious smile, down to earth attitude and warm personality, Carrie touches many students through her teaching and coaching.  When you take one of her classes, you are guaranteed to walk away feeling energized, empowered and inspired. She wears her heart on her sleeve and as her students can attest, sends ripples of encouragement through the minds of many. As a certified Mentor Coach with Coach Training Alliance, Carrie played an integral part in the development of Yoga2Life. She says, “Taking the Yoga2Life course is an empowering course that all yoga instructors should experience! The life coaching skills you learn will enhance your teaching, your conversations with clients and students, your ability to lead workshops and trainings, and even your personal relationships.  The parallels between teaching yoga and coaching are profound. The coaching skills you learn and practice in the course open the door to endless possibilities along your yoga career path!”

Refund Policy.

The course registration fee guarantees your spot in the class and is non-refundable. Following registration, you may not transfer classes. You may cancel without penalty if request is received at least 14 days before the course begins. If you cancel 14 days prior to the course start date, we’ll refund the tuition paid less a $500 registration fee. No refunds are made after class begins. Requests must be made in writing, postmarked and mailed to: