Welcome to "The Art Of Touch" Yoga Adjustments Video Series. During this 6 part video series you will by guided by international yoga teacher Mathieu Boldron through proper hands on adjustments in yoga classes.

One of the most intimate aspects of teaching yoga asana is physical hands on adjusting of students. It's one thing to give verbal cues and instructions to your students, but it's a different thing to actually put your hands on their bodies. Physical adjustments are a direct and personal form of communication to the body. Done well, it's transformational—but done improperly, it can be confusing to students and can even cause injury. Thus, its importance can not be exaggerated. The Art Of Touch is a potent tool in sharing the sacred wisdom of yoga.

Explore the 6 part video series below.

Video 1: Sagittal Adjustments.

Video 2: Frontal Plane Adjustments.

Video 3: Twist Adjustments.

Video 4: Arm Balance & Inversion Adjustments.

Video 5: Backbend Adjustments.

Video 6: Savasana Adjustment.

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