Nicaragua New Year Retreat

It’s the time of the year where workplace stress sets begins to dance with the holiday pressures. Christmas is a time for family and friends, love and connection and delicious food and drinks… but sometimes our responsibilities and expectations pile on top of one another and we find ourselves dreading it more than enjoying it.

It almost feels like the year is organized in a way where we feel mass chaos at the end, right before we plan a relieving and extravagant beginning to a new year. Some of us go out in our sequin dresses and our champagne glasses, counting down with a crowded bar full of people we don’t know. Some of us prefer to curl up with our partner on the couch as we share our favorite snacks, watching our favorite movie and attempt to stay awake while catching each other’s yawns.

Some of us like to hop on a plane and experience the transition in an entirely different way in an entirely different location. We like to simmer the chaos of the past year with a much deserved reflection period. We like to not only set a single resolution, but a number of intentions to better ourselves and those around us. We want to welcome the upcoming year with eager anticipation as we learn to grow from our experiences from the last year. We yearn to make the new year even stronger than the last. 

We’ve created a haven for just this. Nicaragua is the only place we could consider to host this years New Year Retreat because, to us, it’s our second home around the world, and we want to open its doors to you. 

Our retreat has expanded its teaching from the past years, and we’re so excited to share them with you. Our vinyasa and yin classes will each be engrained with a series of yogic guidelines called the Yamas and Niyamas. These will help you think more consciously as you make choices throughout your next year. You will feel empowered by the lessons and more in tune with your thought processes. Journaling is an essential part of reflection, and we will be sure to heavily take to pen and paper during this retreat. 

We want nothing more than for you to make some spontaneous plans you won’t regret and spend this powerful time of the year with us. Start packing your bags now, it’s time to start planning for the promises of 2017.