Positive Wave

Bobbing up and down with the swelling surf, the sun hot on my salt licked face I sat waiting for my wave. 

The wind had picked up and the tops of the waves were being blown off. Frustration was creeping into my thoughts. I hadn't had a wave in over 40 minutes!

Through the salt spray a voice called out, "Hey mate, you getting any?" Gliding over the water with ease came this salty looking dude on a retro fish. 

We exchanged hellos and I told him there were limited waves and I was thinking of packing it in. Before I could even finish my words a perfect head high wave came and the salty dude was off carving. As I watched the fish tail slice the lip of the wave I thought, ok I'm next! Let's do this! My turn! 

I continued to bob with no decent waves coming my way...

The salty dude had paddled back out to the line up and seconds later another perfect wave had swept him off. 

Upon his return from back to back waves I commented in envy, "Dude, someone slept on the right side of the bed last night." 

His response sunk into me: 

"Mate I tell you what, it has nothing to do with what side of the bed I slept on. I used to be a negative person, getting in trouble and just angry with the world and my life. I was headed down a path toward destruction.  

"So about 3 years ago I changed how I think about and react to my life. I made a conscious decision to think only positively and put out positivity to the world. Mate I shit you not, my world changed! Positive things started happening and my happiness swelled. 

"I'm not a spiritual person but there is a higher power. Be grateful for this life you have. Then he was off as quickly as he had come. Gliding across another perfect set wave."

Positive wave

By Jules Seaman