El Salvador Love

Before our @exhaleyogaretreats in El Salvador, one of our yoga teachers @arielswan and regular retreaters @marlonjenglish brought my partner @julesseaman and I to a rural area where they built homes for families last year.

It was incredible to see what a difference my friends made to helping improve the conditions in this village. One woman in the community shared with me that the gesture of having strangers help her family without wanting nothing in return, made her believe she mattered and felt so loved.

The amount of gratitude these families expressed for having a home made with love, filled my heart to the brim. I am so proud of all the generous work Ariel & Marlon are doing. I am inspired to do more of what matters. This year Ariel’s Bday wish is to raise funds and have TECHO build this entire community a centre where they can gather, connect, and offer educational programs for these kids and their families.

Please, make a contribution, any amount donation will collectively make a difference. 

Donate at: https://fundrazr.com/91Dfd1


Rachel Wainwright 💕