Yoga Class Adjustments

As yoga teachers, it’s our responsibility to ensure that our students are given proper cues, instructions, demonstrations and modifications of each asana (posture), according to the student’s capabilities. This helps students to prevent injury, learn proper alignment, the purpose of the pose, and it’s health benefits.

Some yoga studios and students are very sensitive about whether giving (doing) adjustments is appropriate or not due to physical contact and the inherent risks involved, but we believe that not only are adjustments absolutely necessary and encouraged in order to prevent serious injury, but when done properly, they can be supportive, encouraging and inspiring to help students achieve postures they normally wouldn’t be able to do or think they CAN’T do. When a student is properly guided and assisted during a posture, a trusting relationship is formed between teacher and student.

This is an essential skill that we focus on helping our teachers in training to sharpen and continue to build on each day until the very last day of their teaching practicums. From Day 1 of our YTT-300 Yoga Teacher Training program here with Exhale Yoga Retreats, our students are taught and practice how to give proper adjustments and modifications to their fellow students on a daily basis, really helping them to feel completely comfortable and confident when giving and receiving adjustments while teaching or practicing yoga.

In order to empower students to look beyond their fear of failure or falling, you must be able to earn their trust that you will help guide them every step of the way. Every instructor in our Teacher Training programs is individually vetted and hand-selected for their specific skill sets of leadership, vast knowledge of various forms of yoga practices, and proven ability to demonstrate and teach these methods in a fun and engaging manner that’s tailored for the modern day yoga studio environment.

This is what sets Exhale Yoga Retreats apart from traditional yoga teacher training programs!