Celebrities Who Changed Their Lives through Yoga

For some people, yoga is more than just a fitness routine, because for a lot of the yoga community it has helped them improve their overall wellbeing. It’s hardly surprising as yoga is, in a sense, a system of belief – a belief that you can always create a better version of yourself.

Nowhere is that more exemplified than in the lives of celebrities that changed through the help of yoga. Given their high profile nature, they serve as the best examples of how yoga can provide so much more than just relaxation and exercise.

Relax and Release

Relax and Release

Having a rich and famous lifestyle can sometimes lead a celebrity along the wrong path which is exactly what happened to Robert Downey Jr. It’s no secret that the Hollywood star’s life spiraled out of control because of substance abuse and he was even busted a number of times by the police for various misdemeanors.

But the Iron Man star proved that addiction can always be beaten and one of his weapons is yoga. An article from Do You Yoga mentioned that the actor worked with Vinnie Marino, one of LA’s most famous yogis, who by the way, also suffered with addiction. Today, the two yogis share more than just the practice, but the common bond of rising from the dark abyss towards spiritual enlightenment courtesy of yoga.

As a result, Downey is one of the highest paid actors today. And seeing as there are still lots of movies that include Iron Man, not to mention other projects, the actor shows no signs of slowing down with regards to his current stellar career.

image: Metro

image: Metro

Being a talk show host and mediating for people with serious issues is no easy task. This is what Jeremy Kyle has been doing for over a decade now and needless to say, it’s doubtful if he would’ve lasted as long as he has if it wasn’t for having a sound body and mind.

Kyle also has obsessive–compulsive disorder and successfully battled cancer. He struggled with addiction in the past as well like Robert Downey Jr. How did he manage to keep his life together? Surely you know the answer: with the help of yoga.

Meditation and yoga is highly effective for flushing out negativity and for keeping yourself on top of all the other things in your life. The Metro even shared a humorous piece showing how the TV personality likes to do poses on his talk show although, of course, it’s all for show and the real yoga sessions happen during his downtime.

Yoga also gives you fresh perspectives on life and it can propel you to connect with others in a deeper way. Kyle frequently embarks on social experiments which tackle the hard issues in the lives of real people and recently, he even disguised as a homeless man. Manchester Evening News specified in a report how the experience changed his worldly outlook yet again. Kyle has completely turned his life around and became one of the biggest celebrities in the UK, and his show now has a loyal following as well as several partnerships including a recent sponsorship from Slingo Boom that’s handled by the popular entertainment portal Slingo. Although much of Kyle’s success came from his innate qualities, yoga became a major catalyst in order for him to bring out all his potential.

image: Yoga Dork

image: Yoga Dork

Compare the Lady Gaga during her Bad Romance days and her appearances in the past couple of years and you’re going to notice how much the singer has changed. It seems that she left her ‘peculiarly bold’ persona behind and she’s now more laid back and mature.

Much of this change is attributed to the star to her yoga practice and in fact, a post by Z Living stated that Lady Gaga is an enthusiast of several forms of yoga including Bikram yoga, hot power yoga, and even SUP or stand up paddle-boarding yoga. The latter is arguably one of the hardest forms of yoga which is extra demanding on the mind and body.

But more than her actual practice, Lady Gaga makes it a point to include affirmations in her daily yoga session. You can try it as well – you simply tell yourself that you’re a good person and that you can do anything positive to achieve your dreams. It has clearly worked for the songstress, who stated that “Yoga makes me feel like I can do anything.”

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