Is a Yoga Teacher Training For You?

You’ve been practicing for a while now and you know it’s doing something great for you. You see yourself improving physically but most of all it’s something about what it does to your mind how you feel about yourself. Your mind becomes so clear, still almost. It’s like the surfaces of a hidden lake revealing your innermost being through its divine stillness and sharp reflection. A part of you wonders what it would be like to plunge deeper into the practice, to discover more of that peace and perhaps share it with others whom you have seen struggling.
Is a Yoga Teacher Training for you?
Yes. Regardless of where you find yourself in the practice, these are indicators that you’re just about ready to take that next step. You’ve touched upon the passion and you long for more. You’re wondering what life would be like if you allowed yourself the time and space to truly tune into yourself a little more. Whether you see yourself teaching or not, you feel it in your soul that yoga hold a key to your heart. Yoga opens you up and builds you up at the same time. It gently dissipates your stagnated egoic beliefs and fills you with new exciting sensations. It lights up the places within you that you have kept in the dark and it softens you where you have grown hard.

A yoga teacher training is for everyone yet it is not for anyone. What this means is that it is something everyone has the potential to go through and grow through and in fact, the world would be a different place if everyone did. Yet it is also true that not anyone will hear the calling and not anyone has the willingness to follow through and explore that innate potential. The schedule is intense and a lot of wisdom and experience is condensed into a short period of time. But this is also what makes teacher trainings so powerful and effective. The pressure you will have everyone pop and flourish into their most beautiful and empowered self.

You might also be yearning to connect with likeminded people, people that don’t necessarily share the same language or the same culture but there’s but something so essentially human that you can’t help but to connect and relate. These are the people you’ll find in a yoga teacher training, humans that are just like you, dreaming their own life into reality just like you and following that inner voice to expand and evolve into a better version of the self.

Perhaps you’re curious about the Philosophy behind yoga, the mantras and the countless tools you have yet to discover which aren’t always presented to you in your regular drop in Yoga class at the local studio. You want more than just the surface. There is a desire to understand the physical body and how it relates to all levels of self. You’re curious and ready to take on an adventure that is sure to change your life into the better. You’re ready for some alchemy, to turn your experiences into pure gold.
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Blog by Antonia Rothschild