Synergy. Let’s talk about synergy.


Synergy is the increased effectiveness that happens when two or more join to achieve a specific goal. It’s what happens when women gather in circles and the feminine power is amplified to the extent that it exceeds the sum of power that each woman would otherwise generate on their own. It’s what happens when individuals form a team, together enabling victory where one alone would have never stood a chance. It’s what Yoga is! Merging. Coming together to move, breathe, explore and manifest goodness.  
When we come together to reach our full potential, magic is bound to happen. The synergetic effect reminds us of our connectivity. It reminds us that maybe, just maybe, we’re not so separate after all, because the way we grow and are empowered together is unlike anything we would have reached all by ourselves. And maybe, just maybe, our goals and dreams are not at all as conflicting as they may seem through the lens of social conditioning. Competition and rivalry is of a dying paradigm, being replaced by the combined power of humans of every kind. When we truly connect with ourselves and from a space of oneness and love we also begin aligning our intentions with each other; this is when everything becomes possible. The world becomes a new place, a better place. Together we can move mountains, and that’s not just something we say for the sake of poetic pleasure. The evolution of the self, extended through the collective, is what I’d like to call a downright revolution. That’s how an old paradigm is replaced by a new one and suddenly the earth goes from being flat to round.


It’s happened before and it’s bound to happen again many times. And the more conscious we become of this process and the more we can actively take part of it and harness its power into altering our lives for the better. It’s like weaving together the dream that we all wish to live. One person can do a hell of a lot of work, but ultimately- where is the fun of the work and its fruits cannot be shared? Synergy is also the joy of allowing our true joint nature to shine forth and to be honored through our individuality. We’re all magically unique creatures and our originality is key to the coherence of the whole. Together doesn’t mean all the same. It does mean we’re all equals in our infinite value but it does not by any means mean that we should be more like someone else and conform to social constructs of what is more accepted.
Synergy does not necessarily mean go with the crowd, accept what you are told and be a good sheep. On the contrary, synergy requires one to be a lion, a leader, a rebel. But we’re talking about the kind of lion, leader and rebel that has a heart so big that it encompasses everything and everyone. It’s the type of leader that sees everyone as their companions and leads by example rather than by force. The kind that honors the specific traits of each and knows how to harness their peculiarities for the benefit of the whole. It’s you, dear reader and fellow yogini. The invaluable human being that is needed to create that potent synergetic effect that will propel us all into the dream world we know in our hearts is available to us. Let us take our yoga practice to the next level and truly merge, choosing love together and watching the world transform in front of our eyes, while secretly knowing… it’s all happening within us all.