Are you the body? Are you the mind? Are you the soul?


According to Yogic Philosophy and the Pancha Kosha Theory, the human personality consists of five different layers. First we have the so-called food body, Annamayakosha. The one which we can touch, the materialized vessel that bends and breaks and enables us to move about in the world.



Then there’s the Manomayakosha that holds all our thoughts and feelings. It relates to everything mental and is called the “lower mind body”, being that it responds to our basic emotions, what we believe and how that makes us think and feel.



Third is the wisdom body, Vitnamayakosha, from where the knowledge of the mind has become lessons learnt through experiences and we are now able to transcend the chain of stimulus and reaction and act from a space of intuitive knowing.


Be you

Beyond wisdom we find the Anandamayakosha which enables us to be blissful. The bliss body is the last layer of our being before we tap into the eternal essence of who we are. It leads us into self-realization, the very goal of all yogic practices. According to yogic philosophy, bliss does not have an opposite but is the natural state of being that all humans may experience in their journeying through the self.


Words by Antonia  @hippieserendipity

Words by Antonia @hippieserendipity