Dr. Ganesh Rao

It is an honorable task to take on, writing about a person which influences so many lives, effortlessly sharing his passion with so much love and without any restraints. You may have heard of him, and no- he is not a myth! 

If enlightenment were a man, this would be his most devote disciple, if not the guru himself. Few people in the world are accredited like this man, and an even fewer amount are so incredibly generous with their wisdom and knowledge as Dr. Ganesh Rao is. There is a humility unlike anything seen in the world of academics that makes this man so unique. Similarly, his uniqueness in the yoga community stems from his deep rooted philosophical foundation. Though his mind is sharp and brimming with intelligent resource, his heart is ever-present in his work. If this isn’t apparent at first glance, soon enough his giant smile will reveal this and leave you doubtless.


To hear this man speak is like drinking out of an abundantly flowing fountain of cosmic intelligence and ancient knowledge. Let’s just say, this article runs a great risk of slipping into idolization in a slightly weird and fanatic way. But my personal feelings aside, Dr. Gao has a way of captivating you with his stories in the most beautifully fascinating and pleasant ways. He is undeniably a master of putting words to emotions and truths which each human can relate to in one way or another. In his lectures, there is little need to ask for questions being that he knows exactly the working of your mind and will predict your inquiries even before you’ve realized you had them.

In the most tangible way, dr. Ganesh Rao presents the, sometimes abstract, theories of yoga so that the student may create a fundamental understanding based from his or her own experiences. Opinions aside, he reveals the essence of the yogic teachings enveloped in stories and everyday life scenarios. He will ask you to keep an open mind, as only an open mind will be receptive to the magnitude and density of his teaching.

Beyond the teaching itself is a man with a big smile and an even bigger heart. Though his lectures will tend towards the serious side of things, once concepts and semantics are left aside, a softer side is quickly unveiled. His childlike spirit comes out to play and he will not hesitate to give you a hug. I remember a time during my 300H YTTC crying at lunch one day, feeling overwhelmed and faced with many emotions and truths about myself. My face was puffy and red from tears and all he had to do was look at me for my guard to dissipate and a smile to arise on my lips. He waved at me to come closer and gave me a big beautiful hug. There was no pity in his eyes, merely a desire to share all the joy he was feeling even as I surrendered to my sadness.

My personal admiration for Dr. Rao is quite evident, but I assure you I am not the only one to think and feel so highly of him. There is something special about Dr. Ganesh Rao, and for those of you who have yet to discover what that is- well, let’s just say you have something to look forward to.


Words: Antonia Rothschild
Past Exhale Yoga Retreats 300hr YTT grad