“Satya – Truth & Speaking from your Heart”


How much of what you say springs right from your heart?

No, It’s not a trick question. It’s pretty straight forward. I mean, how many times a day do you feel yourself speaking, with intensity and intention, fully owning every single word that comes through your lips with loving compassion? I know, that stuff is rare. And as tempting as it is to blame the society we live in or the people around us for not creating the perfect environment for 27/7 heart based communication, it really is no excuse. It all starts within ourselves. It starts with our self-talk and the stuff that floats around inside our mind. And the stuff that floats around in our mind is very much connected to our subconscious body of emotions, you know that “cave” that harbors our deepest darkest secrets, our traumas and stuff we are intensely uncomfortable talking about.

So… that’s where we start. Yeah, I know it doesn’t seem so sexy, but believe me, once we do get down there and air the stuff that’s been rotting away inside of us- things only get sexier. It’s ja matter of getting over that first hurdle, and then, usually the rest follows quite naturally.


How to get over the first hurdle? Center yourself in love. If that seems hard, put a hand on your chest and just remember where your heart actually is. Simple. That’s the center of everything. Connect to it and start to breathe. Then become silent and listen. Is there anything that your heart has been telling you that you’ve refused to hear? While running all those errands and keeping yourself busy, there may be some things in there that desire your attention. So, pay attention.

Set your mind to be unafraid of being afraid. I know that sounds contradictory, but all that means is embrace your fear and let it be okay. Let it all be okay. Feel into it and then be acceptant of it. Don’t force anything to go away. Don’t reach out for something that seems better only to avoid what is. Simply take a moment to drop into yourself, and from THAT space- speak. Or don’t! by all means, if you wish to stay quiet, do so. So often we speak only for the sake of speaking. Perhaps do a “speaking detox” and remain in silence for a while. Let yourself hear your thoughts and start choosing your words more mindfully, always being true to your emotions.

There is a certain mystical magic about speaking only when your heart desires to. Your words will have a vibrancy that surpasses the ordinary. They will be able to pierce through the ears of those who never listen and resonate with renewed power inside the hearts of those who do. Most importantly, you will learn to recognize truth, as well as live and speak in alignment with that truth. Ask yourself these questions: Am I speaking for the sake of speaking or is what I am saying true in the sense that it springs straight from my heart? What is my intention in speaking these words? Are they bringing more light into the world?


And whatever you decide, trust that it is for the best. By all means, don’t hold back either. If you listen to your heart, you’ll see that your words gain a power that you’ve always dreamt of. When speaking from a space of truth and love, the power of manifestation is amplified exponentially. It is literally as if the gold that you put out when you choose your words with loving awareness, comes straight back to you like a shower of love. That’s the power inherent in each of us. Tap in to that beautiful heart of your and start connecting to your truth. 

Beautiful words by Antonia   @hippieserendipity

Beautiful words by Antonia @hippieserendipity