Go Yin with Annie Au

Annie is one of a kind. Her strength and softness combined make up the fluffiest and most empowering experiences ever. She’ll take you on a journey, without even trying. She’ll surprise you by going from complete anatomy nerd to groovy dancing queen on the beach to resting peacefully in Yoganidrasana (legs behind your head) as if she was born into it.

Annie Au.jpg

Her innate ability to be compassionate makes itself felt and serves as magical medicine for the struggling student. In her teaching as well as in her daily life, she draws upon the wisdom of the Buddha to help bring clarity and simplicity to any pose or situation.

Though she is kind and generous at heart, do not be misled- the Scorpio in her lurks in the depths, adding a mysterious flavor to her innocent essence. Beautiful to the eye as well as to the soul, I’m not the only one to admire Annie and how she embodies her teaching in the world. Any adversity or challenge, she makes use of to grow and share to help others grow.


Though she claims to have so called “tamasic” tendencies, from where I’m standing she’s a hard worker, true to her dharma showing both “rajastic” and “sattvic” characteristics. If you’re unfamiliar with the three Gunas, perhaps you’ll be interested in learning about them in her next training (put in dates). Or prepare for it by researching (try google it) and she’ll happily discuss it further with you, always looking for new angles, insights and deepened awareness.

Annie Au is truly ageless. She giggles like a 5-year-old, is flexible like 12-year-old, dances and looks like a 24-year-old, is wise and knowledgeable like an 80-year-old… etc. etc. Her passion for what she teaches transmits through all of her being. Whether it is Chinese medicine, yin or Anatomy, everything becomes exciting. She exudes a clarity that goes beyond the words themselves and shares from her heart.


With integrity, balance and grace she’ll blow you away both on and off the mat. Her spirit as strong and soft as her practice, in her company, you can be sure to delve into spiritual and beautiful conversations with simplicity and ease. Want to evolve and grow into the best version of yourself, give yourself the gift of training with her. Take her training, join a retreat or pop by in any of her workshops around the world, it will be sure to be the start of something beautiful. 

Much love,



Words: Antonia