Yoga = Community

Yoga is more than what we do for ourselves on a mat. Yoga is the people we meet, the food we eat as well as the air we breathe. And all of that for ourselves as well as for the greater good. The practice of Yoga is selfless in that it naturally is of service to all beings. When one embarks on the yogic journey, one becomes a vessel of transformation into the higher Self. A Self which is devoted to its own evolution in order to be a better person for everyone around.


Dr. Ganesh Rao says, one of the biggest obstacles on the path of yoga is the company we keep. The people we spend most of our time with end up defining a lot about us. Our priorities begin aligning with theirs and their behaviours are absorbed as our own. So, who are these people we allow to taint our everyday life and ultimately our whole life?

Do they uplift? Or do they constantly seek to tear us down? It is important to see things as they are to move forward in life. Every person we meet makes an imprint on our soul, so just imagine the impact of the people who are there every single day, for most part of the day! What do you speak about? What do you do together? What do they dream of and how do they contribute to the realization of your dreams? These are all valid questions which any devote yogi must come to ask themselves.


It does not mean we should simply cut people from our lives as soon as we suspect they’re not headed the same direction, more so that we should all be more explicit about the direction we are heading. This way others can have the choice to come along and align to you instead of you being unconsciously dragged along somewhere else. Let yourself be open and free and watch who sticks around. When you’re more honest about your intention and begin living your life more according to your true values, people around you start shifting.

That’s the power of yoga, and we all have it inside of us. This is how community rapidly weaves itself like a beautiful web of love and all people that can support each other are magically drawn into it. And those who truly don’t wish to be a part will not be forced, yet in yoga- there is always a place for them too, even if it takes years or lifetimes for them to claim that place.

Community is a powerful thing when harnessed for the greater good. Yoga naturally brings people together that aim towards refining themselves and the world altogether. It is the union between people that in any other case would not have found each other but in this case sees and honors the light within the other as well as themselves. It is raising the vibration in which we co-exist to make sure it is of greater service and of more love.


That is yoga.

Much love, Antonia


Wordsmith: Antonia