Why 2019 should be the year you experience your first yoga retreat

If you practice yoga on a regular basis the thought of going on a yoga retreat has probably crossed your mind. For yoga newbies a yoga retreat might sound like something out of the Julia Roberts movie, Eat Pray Love however, it doesn’t matter which end of the spectrum you are, we believe 2019 is the year that you should experience your first yoga retreat and here’s why:


You will take your understanding of yoga to the next level

During a busy work week it can be difficult to practice yoga on a regular basis, during yoga retreat chances are you will have at least 2 classes per day. Regular yoga practice enhances your complete understanding of yoga, the different poses and how to adequately meditate using yoga.

You will gain new perspective

Travelling, seeing the world, going to new places and meeting new people is wonderful for a variety of different reasons. Not only does it give you new perspective, but it also helps you to grow and learn as a person when you are open to exploring the unknown.

You will actually be able to meditate

On a yoga retreat you are able to completely shut off technology, no cell phone, computer, TV or any other digital distractions. Unplugging is necessary and during this quiet time meditation will be a lot easier and a lot more effective.  


Relaxing and de-stressing will occur naturally

When we are close to home we often times struggle to relax, but if you are on a yoga retreat the only option you have is to de-stress and relax. While on retreats you can listen to what your body needs, sleep if that is what you need, no one will judge you on retreat.

You will make new friends

People from around the world go on yoga retreat. The people you meet might just become new lifelong friends. Not only do you already have similar interests because you are on yoga retreat, but being on yoga retreat also brings you closer as you share your stories and experiences with each other.


You will have a new appreciation for home when you get back

It is very easy to take our everyday life and routines for granted, it is only once you step away from it all when you realize just how fortunate you actually are. Yoga retreats will whisk you away into a world that’s the polar opposite to what you are use to on a daily basis. Take the time to appreciate your life, routines, and the people you are surrounded by when you are on retreat, if you do this you will come back with a clear and refreshed mind.  

Just do it, you deserve it

Just do it isn’t just Nike’s famous saying, sometimes we just have to do something. If you want an excuse not to go you will find one. Instead of over thinking, take the leap of faith and just do it. We all work hard for what we have, you deserve the break, and who knows what other endless possibilities yoga retreat might open up for you.

Guest blog post by Frankiee Charles