“A letter to you”


Dearest reader, yes you. 

This is a letter specifically written for you. No matter the reasons why you’ve ended up here, reading these words, know that they are intended for you. Too often these days, we forget the intimate power of the written word. We spit stories on social media like there’s no tomorrow and we swallow everything that’s written anywhere like we’ll never be able to quench our insatiable desire for more, regardless of what kind of gibberish we may come across.  

So here you are, reading these words and perhaps for the first time in a while you’re becoming strangely aware of yourself in relation to what you’re reading. Or maybe you’re one of those people who tend to be on the conscious side and already know that this is exactly what you ought to be reading, in this very precious moment. 

Now let’s get to the point shall we? What did you come here for? What are you seeking? And if you’re not consciously seeking, what might have led you here? These are the things that matter now. These are the things that will determine your next move, whether your next move is going to get a pint of icecream to digest something that’s just happened in your life or booking your next flight ticket to the other side of the world for that unimaginable yoga retreat adventure that has been brewing in your heart for some time. And let it be said, none of these two are any less valued than the other. Sometime the one is required before the other, or the other way around if you get what I mean. 

By now you will most likely have, if even very briefly, considered both these options, and though they are merely suggestive, it may or may not have stirred something inside of you. 

Let it be clear that the intention is not to lue you onto a path that was never for you, on the contrary awaken that remembrance of what is actually destined for you. Perhaps it is stirring in you the confirmation of how much you love your cat and your flat and that leaving right now (if that was ever an option) is the last thing on your mind, or maybe it is enlivening the memory of a distant dream that has long been harbored in the caverns of your soul. 

Whatever it may be that is aroused in you, this is the call to trust in your hearts truth, and perhaps even a call to action- should that be what your heart is guiding you towards. These words found their way to you not on an unprovoked whim, but because they were literally written for you. A peculiar letter from a stranger who chose to follow through on her hearts tug to write, and is merely allowing the cup of love now filled to the brim to spill over and into these words for you to read. So go ahead, what’s aching to be accepted, embraced and come to life within you? 

Words by @ hippieserendipity