Our minds are machines


Our minds are machines that grind we no end in sight, unless we intentionally let them rest. They themselves are not made to ever stop. One thought feeds off of the others and all spirals in an infinite continuum. But the beauty of learning how to ‘pause’ the stream of constant thinking in your mind is that new things arise. A fresh perspective can enter your consciousness. That space in between the ‘go, go, go’ of your brains buzz is a sacred space to say the least. However clever and beautiful our thoughts may be, there is always even more beauty to be found in the silence that is their very foundation.

We practice yoga to communicate with the parts of ourselves that are beyond the words and beyond the thoughts. In this state we connect with that which isn’t so fleeting and fickle, but that which is eternal and centers us in the remembrance of who we truly are, beyond what are minds convince us of.

Sometimes, all it takes to get to that space is just a breath. And then we can launch ourselves back into that stream knowing that we can never truly be separated from that which is beyond. It is beyond and ever present. Everything we do, say, think and feel is part of it, lovingly held within it. There is nothing which holds us back from discover ourselves more, and so with a fresh perspective, we can arrive back at the point where we began, and have a completely new experience of it.

This is the power of yoga, healing, mindfulness and all things that let you look at yourself without being so strictly identified with what you see. For just a second, you are the awareness and not the thought. It is quiet again and your mind gets to rest before it is time to get going on that next journey, you know… the one you came here for. The one you’ve prepared your whole life for and are now finally and utterly ready for.


Words by @ hippieserendipity