7 Simple Ways to Remove Negative Energy


Whenever people gather, body energy both positive and negative energy abound. This type of energy differ from those gotten from nutrients and herbs. Body energies have the power to influence your mood or even how your day works out. The best option therefore is to surround yourself with positive energy for a better result. But unless you want to be copped indoors for the rest of your life, you must interact with people with different energies. You need to know that you can create negative energy, meaning that staying away from others can have a counter effect.

The religions of the east from antiquity has practiced and advocated meditation and yoga treatment as the best way of clearing any negative energy. One of nature’s gifts is purity and therefore a formidable weapon against negativity. Since negative energy often thrives in a moody environment, staying happy all times will go a long way in curbing it.

Why negative energy should be far from you 

Depression, lethargy, fatigue, anger, mood swings, physical pains, unproductively, etc are some of the consequences associated with negative energy. Weather from an internal or external source, the effect of being surrounded by negative energy is disastrous to you. It has even been linked to being the cause of “constant plague of bad luck”

Symptoms of negative energy 

As said above, many psychological and even bodily pains are as a result of contact with negative energy. Its symptoms include:

Complaining always: The feeling of dissatisfaction with almost everything can be a sure sign of negative energy. If you notice yourself complaining even when it is obvious that you shouldn’t, it is a sure sign that you need to clear out negative energies surrounding you.

Criticism: Healthy criticism can lead to correction and positive change, but when you complain and critic others constantly in whatever they do, then you need to watch out because you may be consumed by negativity soon.

Blame game: When you are always right, never finding or seeing fault in whatever you do rather you project your fault to an external force, you need to watch out for yourself because negative vibes may abound around you.

The above-listed symptoms are often accompanied by any or all of the following

  • Headaches

  • Tension

  • Restlessness

  • Stomach aches

  • Anxiety

  • Confusion

  • Moodiness


7 sure steps to remove negative energy 

  1. Clean your surroundings

Take practical and simple steps to remove everything that is not adding value to your life. Sweeping and keeping your surroundings clean always will drive away bad vibes since they rest on clusters and disarranged environment. Repairing any damaged property like a torn cloth or a broken table creates more space for your satisfaction. There is always a feeling of satisfaction whenever you clean your environment which is a sign of the absence of negative energy.

  1. Yoga treatment

After cleaning your surroundings, the next thing is to engage in yoga. As a physical, mental and spiritual practice that originated with the religion of the East, yoga has been proven as one sure way of attaining tranquility of mind and body. Yoga treatment involves the application and utilization of poses, breathing techniques, and even meditation to improve your overall well being. It also has spiritual connotation as it is a powerful tool in driving negative energy away from yourself

  1. Meditation

Also known as ‘the stillness of mind’, mediation has a profound healing effect on the mind and the body. By ridding yourself of every distraction and looking inward yourself, self-fulfillment can be achieved. While meditating, tensions are released, blood pressure and respiration are lowered leading to stress-free periods which allows for the free flow of positive energy

  1. Embrace nature

Nature is the mother of purity and therefore detoxifying. By taking a walk in the park or around the mountain, the purity from ‘mother’ nature will make it very hard for any negative energy to come around. You can bring nature inside your home by planting flowers and trees around yourself.  Also, consumption of pure natural energy giving herbs will help you relax in tranquility. Moreover, there are power places which help to remove negative energy.

  1. Aromatic herbs shouldn’t be left out

Aromatic herbs include incense, sage plant, cedar, myrrh, etc which are burnt for the aroma they produce. Burning any of them once you feel being pulled down or you visualize yourself being consumed by negative vibration works wonders. It not only adds sweet smell around you but also drives away all unwanted energy far from your home.

  1. Simple exercises comes in handy

Medical practitioners, dieticians, and even psychologists have been voicing out the importance of exercise to human wellbeing. This is so true and extends to the generation of positive energy and extinguishment of negative ones. The exercise doesn’t have to be strenuous or last several hours, because by simply walking about, the benefit can still be reaped in full. Since you need a lot of energy to exercise, your body will try concentrating on that, distracting and giving your mind no room for the creation of negativity

  1. Smiling does wonders

As highlighted above, complaining is one sure way of generating and sustaining negative energy. By complaining and critiquing always, you feed negative energy and drag yourself down in the process. Although you may think of a smile as a nothing or just an aesthetic activity, the truth is that a smile is magical and contagious. Every time you smile, neuropeptides are released which helps fight stress, blood pressure and lifts you out of a moody situation. By smiling always, you loosen any grip negative vibes has on you and even influence others positively.

Summing it up  

As humans, we are always surrounded by energy be it negative or positive and even if you don’t notice it, it is still present. Maintaining positive energy is not easy but by taking responsibility for your fault or by appreciating the good in others and yourself, you gain positive energy. Simple exercises, meditation, and yogic treatment have been proven to work wonders too. Finally, a smiley faces magnates’ positivity and should be cultivated.


Guest article by:

Editor @PureHimalayanShilajit