Learning, growing, healing, progressing.


Learning, growing, healing, progressing. The mind believes these things to be linear. But in fact, all these things- if condensed into a geometrical shape or term, is more cyclical than anything. It looks more like a circle than a line drawn from point A to point B. Or even like an eight lying down, symbolising the eternal nature of it all.

The ego, however, is stubborn and like to believe it knows best. A to point B. Straight line. That’s it, it says. Because that way it can feel a sense of gratification. It can feel complete at the end of the line.

But what happens when the end of the line doesn’t come? When the end of the line turns out to be a new point A actually just continuing to what seems like a new B. Or even seemingly the same A & B altogether?

The ego doesn’t have it easy all the time. It has to face its own destruction over and over and realize that what it knows is only ever a fragment of what it. But it is also the most humble process of distillation. You see, after each layer has been revealed, each cycle open us up to more awareness, a process of refinement happens. And over time and space, more and more love shines through the soul of a person. Because all the things, ideas and encrusted believes have been shed and more of the core is exposed to the world and essentially to itself. The inner light shines a little brighter and the experience starts to change.

So even though the line is hardly ever just straight, but takes us in loops back to beginnings we never knew we needed to review, every cycle is unique and brings equal opportunity for growth.This is the beauty of life and what mother earth herself teaches us every year. Though the seasons return, they never come back with the exact same weather.

Antonia 💛

Words by @ hippieserendipity