Well, live to find out!


To fall. Falling has quite a bad rep, don’t you agree? When sometimes, falling is the only thing that keeps us from stagnating. It saves us from becoming boring old stone statue versions of ourselves that would rather be stared at and admired than to live fully and authentically regardless of what it means.

Falling is the universes own remedy to the ego’s steady clutch on… pretty much everything. Without falling, or even just stumbling every now and then, there would be tremendous boredom. Because on some level, whether consciously or unconsciously, we choose our own experiences, we must learn to look at falling more as jumping. In fact, it is an experience that we ourselves have somehow signed up for in order to get us back on track or to live a lively life.

So why curse the experiences that bounce us back into the saddle? Are they painful? Sure. Do they sometimes feel so crushing that we don’t ever feel like we’ll ever live again? Yeah. But even then, isn’t there an inkling in the back of the heart that says “hey, listen up, everything is all good. In fact this is a new chance for you!” ‘A new chance for what?’ you’ll say defiantly.

Well, live to find out!

Open up your mind. Open up your soul. Open up your heart and let what goes out flow out and what comes in flow right in. Let there be an exchange. Movement. Keep it light. Worry less about what it all means and check in more with how you’re feeling. What are your emotions showing you about yourself at any given moment? Start inquiring about yourself and life and you might find these “falls” as exhilarating and curious as any other experience.

Less judgment and more freedom. Doesn’t that sound nice? Well, don’t take anyone’s work for it! Try it and see for yourself!