New Compromises, New Priorities, What do you really want this New Year?


Doing what you love and listening to your needs. Sounds so good, doesn’t it? And it is. It’s the most gratifying thing, yet it can seem so complicated. It’s not. It’s the simplest of things, yet the excuses for not doing it are countless. It’s not complicated yet it doesn’t make it easy. Surely, there are some challenges here and there and sometimes it is hard to choose what’s best for you. But is it complicated? No, not really…

The mind likes to make things complex, to exaggerate the hurdles and find reason as to why give up before we even try. 

This new year, why not make it a little easier and eradicate the distractions that go on saying how things can never be the way you prefer them to be. Drop the excuses for a minute and ask yourself just this once, what are you longing for? Is it possible that your hearts deepest yearning is also exactly what you need? Well then go for it! 

Are you wanting to adopt a daily yoga practice, enjoy good company and a coconut on a beach? Do you want to put yourself first for a little bit and just relax while having a little bit of fun too? 

Exhale Yoga retreats are designed specifically to accommodate everything you desire and need for the optimal enjoyment and rejuvenation. They offer a loving atmosphere for everyone, whether you’re looking to unwind, be adventurous, connect with kindred souls, get the perfect start to a new year or just get away from the stress of everyday life for a bit.  


It’s a matter of compromise, and in all compromises- we must come to understand where our true priorities lie. When we start choosing differently, we also begin experiencing life differently and new things come into play. When we choose our well-being, compromising the need to please everyone else, we shall see that things start to shift. Our priorities tend to rule our lives, especially when we are unconscious of them. Thus, when we start looking at them more consciously, we are given the chance to reorganize a bit and, naturally, the way we feel begins to change. 

What has been in the forefront that needs re-evaluating and de-prioritizing? What are you choosing to put first for this coming year? And what are some tangible things you can do to really act in alignment with your new priorities for yourself?

Make a list and start living in alignment with what is most important to you. It doesn’t mean that all else is forgotten, it merely means they come second. You just can’t pour from an empty cup, so what might you want to fill it up with this New Year?  The choice is yours!



Words by Antonia Rothschild