“We travel, some of us forever, to seek other states, other lives, other souls.”                                   ― Anaïs Nin

Something that can be easily forgotten when we set out on a new adventure, is the potential people we might encounter.

We pack our bags, prepared for the weather and terrain our destination (or destinations!) will hold for us, and we browse Instagram for photos of the beautiful landscapes we anticipate to see.

El Salvador not only provided us with those beautiful black-sanded beaches and lush tropical vegetation, but it was home to some of the friendliest people we had ever come across. One, in particular, became our close friend, and someone that made us realize our next retreat would be held in his town, El Tunco.

Bamba is just one of the many surf coaches on the coast of El Salvador, but his story is unique and inspiring. Bamba suffered a life threatening car accident that left him struggling for funds. With El Salvador’s deep sense of community, the town and nation rallied together to pay his hospital bills and rehabilitation services.

When you walk through the town with him, his great height and perfect posture beam with confidence, but also deep pride for a country and home that is engrained with such a strong sense of connection and family. Despite all of our years traveling all over the world, Bamba shared something with us that felt, almost, foreign; something we wanted to share with our community of yogis.

This is just one of the reasons why we can’t wait to welcome you all to our El Salvador retreat this February where you will have the opportunity to meet our beloved friend, Bamba, as our exclusive surf coach!

You’ll stay in the heart of El Tunco in the villas of Boca Olas; just a short walk down the stone street where you’ll find delicious food, artisan storefronts and surf shops with all the supplies you could need.

We’ve planned some empowering vinyasa yoga classes as well as some slowed-down, juicy yin classes to sink deeper into your new surf muscles! You’ll have chances to break away from the beach and explore the inland areas with a hike to the waterfall Tamanique or private volcano, coffee, or Mayan ruins tours!

We have taken the time to carefully plan what we feel are the most exciting and fulfilling excursions, but you’re encouraged to take advantage of what else this extraordinary country offers. We are always open to suggest different places to visit outside of our schedule and are here to help facilitate your experience and provide you with the resources to be immersed in one of our favorite communities. Come discover the beauty of El Salvador with us!