Fun Ways to Elevate Your Yoga Experience


Practicing yoga is one of the best ways to get yourself in sync. However, even the most connected mind and body needs to change things up a bit to prevent boredom and stagnation. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or have been perfecting for years, everyone can benefit from trying something new. In doing so, you may even find that you enjoy yoga more than before. 

Goat Yoga

Believe it or not, doing yoga with a goat on your back is one of the most relaxing ways to relieve stress. CNN highlighted this practice back in 2017, although many people at the time assumed it was a passing trend. Thankfully, it is not, and there is something uniquely therapeutic about having a baby goat jump into your arms or lick your face when you least expect it. If you do plan to try this farm-style exercise, make sure you have a good yoga mat like the Jade Fusion mat that can stand up to dozens of tiny hooves. Goats might not be your typical form of treatment, but remember that animal therapy is a known way to fight depression and other forms of emotional distress.

Acro Yoga

If you’re feeling adventurous, consider acro yoga. As the name suggests, acro yoga combines elements of acrobatics with yoga. But don’t worry, you won’t be balancing off a high wire. Acro yoga keeps you closer to the ground but does require two (or more) bodies to touch and work together to hold poses. Not only is this a wonderful way to add a strength training element to your yoga routine, it’s also an excellent exercise for couples looking to strengthen their relationship.

Hot Yoga

Hot yoga is not new, but many practitioners are wary of lingering in a 105-degree room for 90 minutes. Because of the added heat and humidity — most studios maintain air moisture at 40 percent — hot yoga is arguably more intense than other forms.

One thing to think about is that you will likely sweat more doing hot yoga so, if you are someone that keeps your phone tucked into your waistband, you will need to have a waterproof case. Be cautious, however, as some models are better at protecting your phone than others. Verizon recommends LifeProof cases, which are known to allow easy access to your ports, control, and buttons without sacrificing its protective qualities.

A word of caution on hot yoga from Mayo Clinic: If you have heart disease, heat intolerance, a history of heatstroke, or other health concerns, check with your doctor before joining a class.

Exhale Yoga Retreats

No matter how much you love yoga, it can become humdrum at times. If you’ve tried different routines but still aren’t feeling it, an Exhale Yoga Retreat may be just what the doctor ordered. By bringing together like-minded people from all walks of life, exhale yoga retreat can help you put the wonder back into your practice. Choose from retreats in Bali, Thailand, Mexico, or the Philippines. If you’re a teacher, Exhale Yoga Retreats have options that can help you regain your passion and be a better instructor for those who rely on you for guidance.

Barefoot Yoga

Yoga is often practiced barefoot. But many of us choose to wear shoes because of the fear of germs or injury. It may be time to rethink your position, however, because there are a ton of pros that go along with using your toes. First, being barefoot gives you a better grip. Next, you actually have an opportunity to strengthen your feet. Some practitioners even claim that doing barefoot yoga can help heal headaches, boost metabolism, and relieve insomnia. If that’s not enough, shoeless yoga may even relieve the symptoms of PMS. Being barefoot makes sense on an evolutionary level. Our ancestors did not have shoes, after all, and the human body evolved to walk without leather and plastic for support.

More than any of these ideas, look for a yoga teacher that fits your personality. While all have good intentions, sometimes, the energy just isn’t there. When you don’t feel the connection, you are less likely to get the most from your yoga sessions.

This is only a partial list of different ways you can reignite your interest and elevate your experience with yoga. There are many other ways to ensure that yoga remains something you love instead of an obligation that you loathe.

Guest article by Jennifer McGregor