Making the Mind-Body Connection: Treat Yourself to Self-Care this Christmas


The connection between mind and body is a powerful one, and making (and maintaining) that connection is important to anyone seeking lasting holistic health. When your body feels good, your perspective and self-image improve, and you feel more confident and more optimistic. This holiday season, work some self-care into your Christmas shopping, take advantage of holiday sales, and set yourself up with equipment that will help you stay healthier in both mind and body.

Workout Space

Unless your spouse drops a gym membership card in your Christmas stocking, getting enough exercise during the course of a busy week may hinge on how much working out you can do at home. Make your New Year’s resolution a week or two early this holiday season and resolve to set up a home workout space. Exercise equipment is among the most popular holiday gift ideas, so there are plenty of opportunities to outfit an exercise room in your home without blowing through that Christmas bonus.

Many companies got the ball rolling on Cyber Monday with sales on some of the finest exercise bikes on the market, including the Schwinn 130, the Marcy Fan Bike and the Sunny Pro Indoor Cycle, with deals of from 30 to 90 percent off. Cyber Monday has come and gone, but finding good offers on these and other exercise bikes throughout the holiday season won’t be much of a problem.

While you’re getting your cardio work in, why not round out your exercise space with some strength-building equipment like kettlebells and resistance bands? You can easily find a set of two 10-kilogram (22-pound) kettlebells for around $50. And consider adding a Self-Guided Exercise Kit from Walmart for just $17, which includes resistance bands, an exercise mat, and a stability ball.

Mental Mindfulness

Don’t leave your mental well-being out of the picture. Set up a meditation space at home, a quiet, distraction-free area that’s designed to help you focus and create the inner-peace you need to maintain a healthy mental/emotional state. People who

meditate on a regular basis often find that meditative self-discipline can elevate one’s sense of well-being and overall health. A well-equipped meditation room enhances the likelihood that you’ll stick with it year-round and enjoy the feeling of tranquility and relaxation that meditation can offer.

Overall, meditation is a pretty low-impact activity when it comes to equipment. Meditation or yoga mats and meditation cushions enhance the experience, are not expensive and can be found easily at most major retailers and through online sources such as Etsy. These items can also be used in the practice of yoga, another restorative practice that helps make that all-important connection between mind and body.

If you’re new to yoga and its many benefits, consider giving yourself yoga lessons this Christmas and enjoy learning with a class of fellow beginners. The average cost of yoga sessions at fitness centers is about $12, though the cost may be a bit higher in larger metropolitan areas. (If you do have a gym membership, be aware that some gyms

include the cost of yoga classes with your membership fee.) If you’re an eBay fan, you can find high-quality Manduka yoga mats in multiple colors for as little as $11.

People resolve to exercise more and lose weight all the time, but many fail in their resolution because they lack the space or equipment — or because it’s just too inconvenient to get to the gym every day. You can make that New Year’s resolution stick this year with affordable equipment you can use in the comfort of your own home.

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