The Power of Travel

Your suitcase is packed, waiting in the hallway. Outside, the cab just turned up on the driveway and you’re taking one last look around the house to make sure you didn’t leave anything important behind. You can feel it already, the warmth of the sun and the humidity in the air. You’re not there yet but you can see it coming. The vision is clear and the longing is strong. You can see the waves rolling in on a beach you have yet to leave your footprints on. Life, life is waiting for you on the other side and you’re ready. You’ve prepared for this day since forever. Suitcase in hand you turn the key around and lock the door to your house. ‘Home’ is about to get a whole new meaning in your life. The cab drives off with you in it and suddenly it’s all real. The journey has begun and you are on your way. Finally.


These moments are the moments we live for. When we know that everything is about to change but we can’t see how just yet. We just know. We know in our hearts that we have made the right choice for ourselves but the nervous flutters in the belly won’t cease. They’re telling us about the unknown. A place where everything is new and we’re welcomed into the world with a child’s amazement. It’s as if we were opening our eyes for the very first time, seeing details where we’d otherwise just glance by without paying too much attention. This is where stories are born. New and fresh beginnings that that are brought about through a million planted seeds from the past and now they’re all ripe and the journey begins.


There are many ways to travel in the world. Internally as well as externally. In space as well as in time. Not to mention all the ways in which we have yet to discover traveling. Skipping through dimensions as if it was a walk in the park. Who knows what the future holds. Only those who have traveled there and back live to tell that story. Perhaps eventually that will be you. Sharing the story of how you went so far out of your comfort zone that you stretched time and went to heights previously unknown by all of mankind. A travel pioneer. Regardless of whatever it is that calls your soul to move, you listen. It’s like your heartbeat is an old-school GPS and you’ve learnt that it always takes you where you need to be. So, you follow courageously the path of your spirit. The power of travel is one of the greatest forces of the universe. When we travel, whether it be internally or externally, straight forward or around and around, we become attuned to the law of the universe. This is how expansion happens. Everything is always looking to expand, or else stagnation and death happens. Not to say that we should be still, because even in the stillness we travel. We travel through our minds, our bodies and even deeper through the vast field of consciousness. The possibilities are limitless.


And this is how we get to know who we are and why we came to be. Travel is the tool that we were all granted to deepen our experience as ourselves within ourselves, to evolve and to enhance life to the max. You are the brave soul that dances through the multiverse to tell the stories that no one has heard of yet. You come from lands far, far away, heck even times far, far away and you live to embody the story. You are the adventure, the traveler and the journeyed all in one. There exists no separation, only a faint illusion of such. And in your magnificent uniqueness, you walk the path less traveled. The one others wouldn’t even think to discover. And suddenly you’re there, your feet planted into a glittery black volcanic beach. The sun, still warm on your cheeks as it sets in the distance. The tide is low and you’re watching the waves carry the surfers into shore. Gratitude fills your every pore. Everything is better than you could have imagined. You followed your heart. You honored the compass within and once again, you remember- you are home. Always and forever, home within yourself.