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“Risking it all”


Why would anyone risk it all? What’s the point? 

We want to play it safe. We want to know we’ve got a fire exit, a backup plan, a buffer of some sort. We can’t just go around risking everything all the time, right? 

But what would it be like if we didn’t obsessively seek that which was more comfortable and safeguarding all that we think we have? Could you imagine your life having chosen the path that didn’t lead up to everything familiar and safe to you? In other words, choosing to live in the unknown. Risking the known in exchange for something you know nothing about.

Now why would anyone ever do that? It doesn’t make much sense does it. Not until we experience it for ourselves- that is. Not until we live through a moment of complete and utter surrender do we understand why it can be worthwhile to let everything we know go in exchange of that which we could never ever have known of. 

The human soul seeks these kinds of experiences, for it was designed by them. The spiritual being flourishes in an environment that does not cage it in but rather celebrates it and allows it unlimited expansion and expression. The realm of the known is stagnation to the pure and untethered soul. We must venture on. We must seize the opportunities to lose, to know nothing, to be beginners anew, to be clueless of what lies ahead, for these are the moments the essence comes into life and we experience what it's like to be alive as embodied divinity. 

We do not choose our lives as much as life chooses us. In this light, there is much more to be surrendered to than to be achieved. It is less about making anything happen and more so about allowing it to be, to let come and go as it pleases. Most of us do not remember why we came here, and should we make it an obsession to figure it out with our minds we are bound to get lost. The pleasure of seeking lies in the “not finding”, hence the importance of coming to terms with our hopeless destiny and accept finding out what it means to live simply by living. 

That’s risking everything. And simultaneously it’s opening up to an infinite pool of possibility, potential and liveliness. Let not boredom and safety be the anthem of your life, but flow like the rivers and endless streams, curiously through foreign lands until they find themselves engulfed by the shores and once again at one with the ocean. 



Love Antonia