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How You Can Take Simple Steps Towards a Healthier Life


Health may mean something different to everyone, but we can all take steps to improve how we feel physically and emotionally. If you’re tired, anxious, or just want to feel better in your body, it may be time for some simple changes. Here are a few ways you can tackle your health head-on.

Maintain a Toxic-Free Environment. Unfortunately, even our houses can become a source of illness. If you don’t regularly keep your home clean, you may be breathing in toxic particles due to exposure to mold, radon, pests, or water or ventilation issues. If you begin to notice you’re sick more often than not, or see signs your home might have issues, you must tackle these problems quickly. You can do this by getting your home tested for toxic mold and radon, using pest control products, and buying the necessary hardware to improve the home’s ventilation and water filtration system.

Limit Social Media. Whether it’s catching up with friends on Facebook or checking your news feed on Twitter, we’re sure to use social media and likely multiple times a day. Unfortunately, too much of it can lead us to experience stress, eye strain, and fatigue. Yet, that doesn’t mean you have to ditch social media altogether. Rather, it’s best to limit yourself and find balance between staying up to date and being inundated. So, don’t give into the urge to constantly grab your phone, but, instead, save social media for specific times of the day.

Change Up Your Hygiene Practices. Sometimes, when life gets tough, we may find our hygiene slipping. This can result in feeling worse about ourselves, and the cycle repeats. While showering and brushing your teeth may seem the most obvious solutions, you might look at other forms of personal hygiene to encourage self-care and good health. For instance, consider exfoliation and how it affects the body. Not only does it benefit our skin, but it can improve circulation and lymphatic drainage, which rids us of toxins and brings oxygen where needed. Exfoliating your body with a loofa just once a week can boost your well-being, and it only takes a few minutes.

Get More Fiber. To improve how you feel, look to how much fiber you have in your diet. In particular, soluble fiber supports a healthy digestive system by feeding the good bacteria in our guts. These bacteria, in turn, keep weight down, improve immune-function, regulate blood sugar, and even help our brains stabilize emotions. Therefore, we should all increase how much soluble fiber we eat, and, thankfully, it doesn’t take much to see results. In fact, one cup of black beans has nearly enough to meet your daily goal of 25 grams, but you could also try lentils, chia, or brussels sprouts. With so many sources, you’re less likely to get tired of this important part of your diet.

Drink Enough Water. Many of us know we have to drink six to eight cups of water daily, depending on weight, body type, and height, but few of us get the recommended amount. Yet, when we do, our minds are clearer, our cognition improves, and our moods are often boosted. Indeed, if you don’t get enough water, you could also find yourself chronically tired or struggling to keep up with exercise. Surprisingly, if you’re not eating water-rich foods, symptoms may still persist even when you are drinking enough water. After all, we need an additional cup or two of water from our meals by eating foods like cucumbers, melons, berries, fresh greens, tomatoes, or cauliflower.

There is no one path towards a healthy life. However, by seeing to your basic daily needs and ensuring your environment is safe, you can feel better than ever before. You don’t need to transform your entire routine to see the benefits of good health.

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Guest article by Jennifer McGregor