yoga Teacher training testimonials

Life-changing experience!

Thank you so much Exhale Yoga Retreats for creating and giving us such a magical, inspiring, holistic, transformational 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training in absolute paradise. A truly challenging and life-changing experience, I felt completely held, safe, loved and supported throughout. And now I am a passionate yoga teacher with a huge loving yoga family! Love you guys xxx so excited for the next one! XXX Kate Clare Stirling

Beautiful and life changing!

Part of me still thinks my month long adventure with Exhale yoga retreats was a dream. I did my 200 hr YTT through Exhale; it was intense, thorough, but beautiful and life changing! All things I needed and wanted!
I was impressed at how well taken care of we were. Day to day Rachel and Jules worked hard to make sure everyone was smiling inside and out.
The amount of time they spent to make sure we could experience our surroundings on our days off was phenomenal! All throughout the trip we were asked if there was anything we needed to make the experience even better (there rarely was...they are always one step ahead).

Thank you so much for the big hearts involved with Exhale! I'm excited to adventure with you guys again! So much love! xoxo Sheena Tavana

You make me feel so special!

I just have to say I am so grateful to have been part of such an amazing community. Exhale Yoga Retreats goes above and beyond anything I ever expected. Rachel is seriously the best! She makes me feel like I matter and everyone was treated equally. I will definitely go to many many more of their events. My body is still buzzing from all the awesomeness I experienced this whole month. Thank you Exhale Yoga Retreats. You make me feel so special!! Briza Bot

I cannot recommend a training with Exhale Yoga Retreats, highly enough.

I was blessed to be able to partake a 200 hour yoga teacher training organized by Exhale Yoga Retreats. The 200 hour training was a transformative and magical experience. They empowered every single person who attended the training to be the best teacher they could be, and as a result I can say that I would love to attend a class taught by any of my amazing classmates.
The course material was well-balanced, and very well organized and delivered in the best way possible. 
The people of Exhale Yoga Retreats, Rachel and Jules, are so organized and take such good care of all the students. They really care so much. Rachel and Jules created and environment ideal for learning and growth. 

My experience was far more than just a teacher training. My stay with Exhale Yoga Retreats and all my loving classmates was truly a life changing experience. 

Thank you so much,

Trevor Kine

Exhale Yoga Retreats absolutely excels at organizing retreats! 

I’ve just completed a 200-hour yoga teacher training retreat, and seeing how Exhale Yoga Retreats managed to host 40 people over the entire course of 30 days, active for approximately 10 hours each day, it impresses me to no end that not once was the “organizational” ball dropped. 

Rachel and Jules have unique gifts in both seeing the big picture, and in executing the finely-tuned day-to-day details. Everything this retreat has offered us – 30 days of being taken care of and guided through – Rachel and Jules have hand-selected and organized. From personally knowing the staff, understanding our rooms and accommodations, having a familiarity with our environment and neighboring locals, planning 30 days worth of nutritious meals, and putting together a program schedule that challenges, nourishes, and enriches all guests is no small task.

At no moment in time was there an awkward or anxious pause of, “What now?” Exhale Yoga Retreats has already organized the “What now?” as well as the “What’s next?” so guests can relax with ease into their journey of exploration, growth, and enjoyment. Rachel and Jules work as such a dynamic pair, ensuring that all aspects of the Exhale Yoga Retreat experience are considered and provided for. Jacqueline Kuiper

I highly recommend Exhale Yoga Retreats!

I'm most certainly doing more retreats with Exhale. I spent a month in Bali with them and they made me feel right at home; I was treated like family. Rachel was super organized through the entire process and any questions I had leading up to the date of arrival (and during my stay) were answered promptly. I felt supported and loved. I highly recommend Exhale Yoga Retreats. Xxoo Cat Cope

This was awesome!

Exhale Yoga Retreats made us feel so comfortable and everything was taken care of before we could even think of it! Through their presence, kindness and guidance a wonderful community of yogis was built and after a very short time it felt like having a new little family I don't know how they do it, but the organization of the retreat couldn't have been better and I'd give more than 5 stars if available! Big hugs and thank you so much for this wonderful experience! Delia Valverde

I had the pleasure of teaching a Yoga Philosophy class during one of Exhale Yoga Retreats organized Teacher Training Certification retreat in Bali. It was so well organized, so much fun to be part of such a dedicated, dynamic group. Thank you for having me. Love Dr. Bali


I just wanted to repeat my thank you for the amazing experience you curated. You really must keep doing what you're're transforming people's lives!  It really was one of the best things I have done in my entire life (and, sadly, I'm not young!!), and certainly the biggest most motivating source of pride I have right now.  Matthieu and Annie are such gurus and whilst I knew that at the time, the experience is so challenging that you get lost in the intensity of it and it's not until afterwards that it really "lands" what they have gifted you. ~ Mathew Nash