Follow your heart… It will lead you on the most meaningful path to beautiful places.
— Rachel

Story Of Exhale Yoga Retreats

If you could do anything, if money was in abundance and your heart’s desire could soar, what would you do?

Rachel Wainwright’s, founder of Exhale Yoga Retreats, friend asked her this question, when they were sitting together in her car stuck in traffic. Rachel responded that she would offer yoga retreats in paradise, surrounded by other positive people who are ready to evolve to a higher consciousness of awareness and live more in harmony with themselves, others and this planet. Astonished with the confident, clear response, her friend simply said: “That sounds incredible, why aren’t you doing it?”

Rachel replied, “I can’t make a career doing this.” Growing up she had never witnessed anyone else make a living doing what they love to do. Her limited belief was you either have a corporate career job or you are a starving artist. But saying it out loud made Rachel realized in that moment, her dream game was strong, but her excuse was weak.

Rachel became curious and started asking her students if they would be interested in registering for a retreat. She was astounded that everyone said YES, but with some excuse. She began to realize that we all have these limiting beliefs that hold us back from doing what makes our hearts happy.

Rachel was now ready to be a dream-doer, so she put her thoughts into action and started designing a life-enhancing retreat program which focused on taking off old layers of these restricting beliefs that weigh us down, revealing the core essence of our truth. Then and only then can we live life with more meaning and purpose.

Rachel would address the limiting beliefs she heard others think and help them come up with solutions to move forward to joining her retreat, which fast became something she really believed in. If someone said they didn’t have enough money, she would help them come up with a plan for how they could save a few bucks each day, make a little more income per week, and how to achieve their goal and join the retreat. Rachel knew that once they experienced this retreat, it would help raise their vibration, having everything in their life flowing better than ever before.

Every day, after managing at her studio, Rachel would move one step closer to creating her retreat. She visualized how it would feel to be on the retreat, with yoga to raise vibration, eating nourishing food, hearty discussions, giggles playing in the pool, afternoon adventures, jungle dancing, deep meditation and restful sleep.

And it happened! The first retreat was beyond her wildest dream come true! She knew it was going to be good vibes, but the gathering of like-hearted people with similar intention was deeply, proudly magnificent! Her heart was blown open to how in just one week people could let go of so much weighing them down and leave lighter with more love for life and themselves. Not only did the majority sign up for the next retreat, but they also shared with their friends who excitedly registered too.

Rachel felt blessed to see transformation in students who practiced at her studio over the years, but on the retreat she saw this transformation in over just a week. This ignited Rachel to eventually make the tough decision to sell her studio, so she could completely focus all her energy on offering retreats and trainings.

Every time Rachel got worried about whether she could really make her dream happen, to make a living doing what she absolutely loved, she went to her yoga mat practiced to raise her vibration till she felt more positive to open to possiblity. Rachel started a journal writing down how she felt living her “awesome life” and did this every morning when she woke up and every evening before she slept. She wanted to plant the seed in her consciousness. Within a year Rachel’s “awesome life” journaling was becoming more like a “gratitude” journal because she realized she was now starting to truly live it.

Around that time, like magic, the powerful sharing tool we know as Instagram provided the opportunity to share all the past retreaters testimonials, pictures and videos, to not just her growing community in Vancouver, but to like-hearted people from around the entire world!

Now Rachel is living her dream, with her big-hearted husband working with her alongside, offering Exhale Yoga Retreats in the most beautiful places! So we ask you the same question

If you could do anything, if money was in abundance and your heart’s desire could soar, what would you do?