retreat testimonials

"Exhale Yoga Retreats was everything that I didn't know I needed."

Rachel and Jules' work tirelessly to bring together a truly exceptional and affirming experience. The Bali Wander retreat came together in such a synchronous and harmonious way, that it left all of us - who started as strangers - feeling connected, peaceful, and like we had known each other forever. 
The retreat was a yoga retreat in every sense of the word - asana practice aside - and each day was founded on one of the yamas or niyamas, and we were urged to to practice the teachings of this ancient moral code throughout the day. 
I believe everyone found a little piece of themselves that they didn't know they were searching for, and I returned home with a renewed sense of motivation to take on life's challenges with grace and a smile. 
I thank Rachel, Jules, Ariel, and Nicky for creating such a wonderful experience, and I would highly recommend Exhale Yoga Retreats for anyone looking for a little affirmation, guidance, rest, peace, and FUN! 
Thanks again. 
Love and light. ~ Jessica Louise xo

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"The environment that was created was so unique and special"

So I decided to attend the Exhale Yoga Retreat… I did this with some hesitation, I knew it would be amazing but I was honestly reserved due to some personal history and insecurity on my part… but I decided What the Fuck…

In my time on the retreat, I had the chance to experience so many different things… I got to spend time with and learn about so many friends that I knew from Vancouver but also got to meet some extraordinary people that were new and amazing. I think that the environment that was created was so unique and special, people were able to release there inhibitions and truly be themselves.

For myself, regardless of any insecurities that I may have had, I felt myself be comfortable in my uncomfortableness, and being able to let it go. The space and energy and support that was provided,  was the trigger to releasing known and unknown stressors and in turn inspiring new thought and passions. I am so incredibly inspired by the work that both of you have done in cultivating your dreams and visions, while creating the life that you want to live.

I look forward to partaking in all of your new adventures and I so proud of you both…

Love with all my heart,


PS - Happy Valentine’s Day! I HEART you!

"The yoga sessions touched me deeply and challenged me in a way I had not felt before."

I booked this yoga retreat looking to charge my batteries and meet some new people. What I found was truly paradise. I didn’t think El Salvador would be a place that I would really miss – and here I am a week after getting home from the retreat still dreaming about those burning red vibrant sunsets, that ocean breeze, the friendly locals, the fresh (and inexpensive!) fish tacos, and all of the friends I made during the week! It was the perfect balance of carefree fun, relaxing in the hammocks, adventures like hiking to a beautiful waterfall, deep conversations, personal growth, and individual meditation/introspection. I am so grateful to have been a part of this retreat – the yoga sessions touched me deeply and challenged me in a way I had not felt before. I can’t overstate how much this week was enhanced by the people that came! Jules and Rachel exude a special kind of energy that is like a magnet for good people – not only did we spend the week in paradise, but we spent the week surrounded by really good company! I am already looking forward to coming back next year. All my love to the exhale yoga retreat yogis!  See you soon!! Xx ~ Camille Duvalle


"Exhale Yoga Retreats was everything I could have ever hoped for and more!"

I first met Rachel and Jules in 2015 in Bali after they had just finished a retreat... This is when they planted the seed in me and told me about Exhale Yoga Retreats!

These two had a dream and they built an empire! They provided an amazing space and place for all of us to come together from different backgrounds and unite with each other as well as work out things in our souls. They did an amazing job making sure everyone got to connect with each other and ran an incredible retreat here in Nicaragua! Each class Rachel, Ariel, and Yeva did an amazing job teaching and explaining all the yoga movements.

My best advice is.... go to a retreat! You get to go to an awesome place, do some yoga, have free time to do any other activities your heart desires, eat meals with great people and have good vibes all day long!

I know I will be reuniting with them again!

Love ~ Brooke

"Experience of a lifetime! An amazing adventure top to bottom, for the young and the young at heart!"

Never a dull moment - so much to see, do and learn...or to simply sit back, relax and EXHALE. Rachel and Jules, and all of the dynamic people they select for their team, go above and beyond to provide a healthy, fun, energizing and challenging experience, tailored to each individual. Fostering self awareness, finding comfort outside of your comfort zone, and facilitating the building of friendships and connections that last a lifetime are high on their agenda. They cultivate an inclusive mind, body and soul holistic approach at their retreats - with yoga classes that pay special attention to varying levels of experience and physical limitations, and impart an understanding of the origins, branches and teachings of this beautiful and ancient practice. I feel such a deep sense of accomplishment, having been able to achieve more in form than I ever imagined! After just one week I feel an AMAZING transformation taking place within - physically and mentally! It doesn't end there! Delicious and nutritious menus, options to take up surfing, hiking, spectacular waterfalls and sunsets, absorb the local scenery, music and culture are all made available for you. Consideration of the environment and visiting and integrating with locals is part of the wonderful journey. We were able to meet and play with children at the village orphanage, an experience that humbles the heart, brings enormous joy and blesses you with a grand appreciation for life. Thank you Exhale Yoga Retreats...I had such a blast dancing like no one was watching! You've changed my life! ~ Tammy

Hey Rachel!

My mindset and whole being shifted in one class with you!
You remain the proud inspiration of my first headstand ever over 2 years ago. I will go to my grave with upside down visions of you smiling over me and the thatched roof suddenly looking like the floor. Your classes are powerful stuff for me and your retreat has become an essential part of starting my new year with clarity health and intention. Not to mention the impromptu dance parties :) Good people and good times and it all starts at the top with you! ~ Ben Stark

"I will absolutely go on another retreat!"

Words can't begin to describe this absolutely amazing experience. The January 2016 retreat at Maderas Village was awesome - I have never started a year more refreshed, positive and inspired. Rachel, Yeva and Ariel are talented and creative teachers, which made the classes both challenging and full of laughs. Throughout the retreat they did an amazing job striking the perfect balance between yoga, self development, jungle parties, planned excursions and free time - and they made each component so much fun.

The most amazing thing that I took away from the retreat though is a tribe of 34 new friends. I went solo on the Nica trip (almost half of the people on the trip also went alone) and recommend that anyone who is considering to do the same to just DO IT. You seriously won't regret it. I will absolutely go on another retreat in the future. So in love with the work that Exhale Yoga Retreats is doing! ~ Jenell Smith

"This was the most amazing getaway I've had!" 

It was the first international travel with my wife and Exhale Yoga Retreats made it easy. From beautiful accommodations, to brilliant food, and of course amazing yoga classes we were in the lap of luxury. Not to mention the breath taking vistas from the beach, Exhale Yoga Retreats really had every last detail figured out. The yoga teachers were very experienced and really set the tone for the trip. Thanks Exhale Yoga Retreats for making this such a special milestone for my wife and I!!

We will be back in a heart beat! Cha! ~ Dustin Hersee

Dear Rachel and Jules,

After the retreat with you, we kept on exploring Nicaragua, we went with Rob and a few others to Blue's ranch, Ometepe (the boat ride could have been the last time we were seen alive!), Jicaro hotel in the Las Isletas and finally we stayed at Tribal hotel to explore the city as we did not get a chance to do it with you. We then went for two weeks in a surf school in Costa Rica, even though the nature and vibe did not compare to Nicaragua. To finish, we sailed in the British Virgin Islands. 

It was a long journey but nothing compared to our time with you at Maderas Village and we wanted to thank you for that. The experience you are offering is top-notch and your attention to the smallest details of the organization did not go unnoticed. Of course, these would mean nothing if your passion, warmth and sunny disposition did not make it so special and if the other teachers and guests were not ready to embrace it. We learned a lot with you, both physically and spiritually, and we look forward to building upon that amazing start of 2017. 

We look forward to joining your other retreats in the future and to keeping in touch!

Love and light,
Fabien + Caroline

"Nicaragua with Exhale Yoga Retreats was the perfect way to relax, re-focus, and re-energize."

Food, accommodation, service and yoga classes were top-notch. Providing options for other group activities was a great touch - and allowed solo travellers like myself to meet and connect with like-minded people. Loved Vinyasa classes in the a.m. and Yin Yoga in the p.m. Music playlists were also fantastic! Two thumbs up, five stars, would highly recommend! ~ Amanda Tran

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"It's food for the soul!"

Exhale Yoga Retreats are led by some of the most beautiful and inspiring teachers in exotic paradise. It's food for the soul and you will leave you feeling healthier, rejuvenated and have a new zest for life! I will go on every retreat I can!! ~ Janene Carleton

"I will forever be attending Exhale Yoga Retreats!"

I couldn't have thought of a better way to start off 2015 than to be in Nicaragua with Exhale Yoga Retreats! I was nervous attending a yoga retreat by myself but the group of people I met and spent the week with were nothing short of supportive, loving, and not to mention SO much fun! The location was absolutely incredible as well as the food. The yoga was spectacular and I will forever be attending Exhale Yoga Retreats! ~ Shelby Marshall

"I highly recommend Exhale Yoga Retreats and can't wait to sign up for the next one."

Upon arrival, I felt very welcomed from the airport pick-up to meeting the Exhale Yoga Retreats team. The entire life affirming experience exceeded my expectations. I felt a big improvement in my poses, my meditation practice, and spiritual development. The classes were carefully thought out and challenging for many regardless of how experienced you are in your practice. Exhale Yoga Retreats pieced together an authentic schedule that included a morning vinyasa class and evening yin class, delicious and healthy breakfast and dinner meals all amongst the beautiful grounds at Boca Olas and Balancé El Salvador. They hooked us up with the locals to enjoy the surfing and waterfall hiking. Thank you to Crystal, ArielRachel for being such generous teachers and genuinely taking care of us to ensure we had a good time. I can truly say I made some really good friend here for life.

Thank you!

Jenny Wun

Hi Rach and Jules!

I so badly wanted to come to Nicaragua this year to join you for the retreat but wanted to spend some time with the BF and had to get back to work. Things are heating up with the Games just a year away.

I look back on last year’s retreat so fondly, it really changed my life, causing me set my values and goals, envision the life I wanted and let go of some things from the past. I came back feeling super open and clear and described it to others as it was like all the muscles in my neck were relaxed, allowing more blood to get to my brain. I get little glimpses of that feeling again whenever I practice yoga and plan to do more of it this year.

So thank you (x 100) Rachel and Jules for everything you’ve done for me (and please send my thanks and a big hug to Yeva and Ariel!

Wishing you and the tribe an amazing week in paradise with lots of open hips and ocean dips!

Take care,

~ Erin Mathany


"The staff of Exhale Yoga Retreats know how to organize a life changing trip." 

First and foremost they check out the accommodations and make friends with the locals. They do a dry run and if something needs tweaking they address it. Then the yoga, let's just say "world class"....Super grateful and would definitely do again!

Tom Guzek Jr.